Jeep Wrangler 2024. Megalomania?  This road navigator now has a bigger screen

Jeep Wrangler 2024. Megalomania? This road navigator now has a bigger screen

The devout road tripper is thoroughly entertained. The 2024 Jeep Wrangler has received several minor visual improvements, and a brand new multimedia has appeared in the interior. What else has changed in this car?

It’s hard to believe, but this car has been with us for five years. So now is the perfect time to get your first facelift. The 2024 Jeep Wrangler hasn’t changed in a revolutionary way, but you’ll quickly distinguish it from the previous version.

Jeep Wrangler 2024. What’s new in this model?

Let’s start with the body, because there are a few new products here. First of all, the front fascia has been updated, reducing the classic grille a bit. It was also improved with the air distribution in the engine room. Small dimensions, in turn, made it easy to fit an optional winch, which can be purchased separately. Rubicon.

The antenna is hidden in the windshield, thanks to which we no longer have a large element that stands out in the car. There are new rims in the wheel arches (size from 17 to 20 inches), and in the Rubicon version we will even get 35-inch tires.

The roof is also new. Available options are joined by the Sky One-Touch Roof, which allows you to enjoy driving in the open air without struggling with heavy components that need to be removed.

A 12.3-inch uConnect 5 multimedia screen appeared in the cabin

Its presence forced a new design of the entire station console. The central round air vent has been omitted here and replaced by a narrow opening at the bottom of the screen. The large display has a very high image resolution and offers a number of interesting features.

Among them is, among others, a navigation system for off-road routes. Of course, the most popular methods are not missing here.

4XE version it also got a special Power Box, i.e. a power socket for external devices. The current here is taken from the traction battery.

So far we know the specifications of the United States – and there the choice of engines is very wide

The offer opens with a 2-liter turbo petrol, next to which there is a place for a 3.6 V6 engine. There’s also a 4XE hybrid on offer, also using a 2-litre engine. It’s this unit that’s the only one available in Europe – and that won’t change.

Americans can also be tempted by the Jeep Wrangler 2024 392, i.e. the version with the 6.4 V8 engine. Good audio and visual performance is guaranteed here.

Following the American premiere, the European one should follow. The changes will be the same here, although we will probably get some improvements given to the Old Continent.