Jorge Martin (Ducati): Going for the win always helps / MotoGP

Jorge Martin (Ducati): Going for the win always helps / MotoGP

As expected, the MotoGP season is back on track with a lot of excitement after a short start. And Jorge Martin does not bother with the discussions of journalists about his future. We think he is right. Comments.

When asked about his professional future, Prima Pramac star Jorge Martin recently seemed detached and even surprised. The Spaniard knows very well that in the end the result will decide if and in which MotoGP box he will take the seat in 2025.

With all due respect to his colleagues present in the press stations of the MotoGP paddocks, the question repeatedly addressed to Jorge Martin with stoic order: “Jorge, will you be a Ducati Factory rider next year?” has lost tension. The recognition begins as soon as “Martinator” takes the microphone. He doesn’t care about that, that’s his manager’s job. Next point and question.

The agenda of the current leader of the World Cup understandably looks different. Because the situation is not new to Jorge Martin. A change for the Madrilenian was already on the cards in mid-2023, because from a sporting point of view, Jorge Martin had signed up to take a place in the official factory squad earlier. Whoever drives at the front ends up on the factory team. Logic.

In an effort to make wise and long-term plans, Ducati supported Enea Bastianini, who suffered from the misfortune of injuries, extended the contract and ensured transparency and stability in the factory team. Since 2019, Ducati has been faithful to this style of “matching” their two riders together for at least two years. As a Pramac employee, Jorge Martin is also aware that it is certainly part of the strategy to prepare the satellite driver for two years.

An exciting step was of course the very early expansion of printing by Pecco Bagnaia. However, it is not surprising that the number 1 will continue to attack the factory team beyond 2024. Because as the first two-time world champion of Ducati, the negotiation cards look good and as long as the winning products are combined together in Bologna, the contract is official.

But, despite all the ideas, options and strategies, the work is banal. For Jorge Martin, it’s about being the second best Ducati and certainly the second best machine in the field. The fact that this will lead to a fierce battle with Bastianini for the red leather is one of the exciting prospects of the young season.

It cannot be determined that Marc Márquez will turn the game on its head. Anything is still possible, as the warm-up for the six-time champion is going well. The 93 can do anything to fight for the World Cup title. But that should not involve the world champion runner-up for the 2023 season either. The answer to questions about the future can only be found on the slopes. The statement that Jorge Martin cleared the track in the Algarve in the last doctor is to be applauded. Jorge Martin took his career as a racing driver seriously. Points, points, points, instead of complicated random phrases.

What? Of course not. Because all drivers always put a lot of pressure on themselves, instinct, courage and focus determine their future.
As long as Jorge Martin sits in the press conference tired and with a shiny trophy, I will continue to refrain from wondering about his professional future. Looking at the list of results will help.