Jorge Prado (GASGAS): First crash, then Pole/Motocross World Championship MXGP

Jorge Prado (GASGAS): First crash, then Pole/Motocross World Championship MXGP

World Championship leader Jorge Prado crashed in free practice and suffered an ankle injury, but this did not stop him from winning the qualifying race for the third round of the World Motocross Championship in Riola Sardo.

MXGP Qualifying race for the Sardinian Grand Prix Riola Sardinian: Spain’s World Cup leader Jorge The Prado crashed at high speed during free practice after a rival in front of him suddenly changed lanes. Fortunately, he escaped with a minor ankle injury and was able to compete.

There was one in the first corner after the start I’m angry and Roman February he went down. The Frenchman had to start the race from the back of the field. Even before reaching the top 10 points in the third round, his motorcycle failed, forcing him to abandon the race in frustration.

The Holeshot he won Jeremy The seer (Kawasaki), doch Jorge Prado (GASGAS) took advantage of a small mistake by the Swiss to take an immediate lead. After that, he didn’t let anything go wrong, didn’t get pressured at any point in the race and won the race comfortably with a lead of 6.6 seconds over Tim. Geyser (Honda) and Jeffrey Herlings (KTM) ‘The shoot’ sat in the 5th round against Jeremy The seer (Kawasaki) through which is the basis P4 qualified.

“In the first rounds I still had a lot of pain in my leg,” explained Sieger Jorge Prado, “but luckily things got better and better in the race. I tried to organize my energy for Sunday’s race.

HRC guest Roan of Moosdijk qualified P16. The German drivers finished that Qualifying race in 14th place (Tom Koch), P17 (Maximilian Detectives) and P27 (Mark Scheu).

Results MXGP Qualifying race Riola Sardinian:

1. Jorge Prado (E), GASGAS
2. Tim Geyser (SLO), Honda
3. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM
4. Jeremy The seer (CH), Kawasaki
5. Paul Jonas (LT), Honda
6. Calvin Flanders (NL), Yamaha
7. Glenn Coldenhoff (NL), Strange
8. Brian Bogers (NL), Strange
9. Valentine Guillod (CH), Honda
10. Alvin Östlund (S), Honda
11. Kevin Horgmo (N), Honda
12. Ben Watson (GB), Beta
13. Isaac Give gifts (S), Yamaha
14. Tom Koch (D), KTM
15. Cornelius Toendel (N), KTM
16. Roan of Moosdijk (NL), Honda
17. Maximilian Detectives (D), KTM
18. Kevin Brumann (CH), Husqvarna
19. Todd It is required (UK), Yamaha
20. Tim Edberg (S), Honda

27. Mark Scheu (D), Husqvarna
28. (DNF) Ivo Monticelli (I), Beta
29. (DNF) Roman February (F), Kawasaki

MXGP World Cup Status:

1. Jorge Prado (E), GASGAS, 124 points
2. Tim Geyser (SLO), Honda, 113, (-11)
3. Roman February (F), Kawasaki, 92, (-32)
4. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM85, (-39)
5. Paul Jonas (LT), Honda, 79, (-45)
6. Jeremy The seer (CH), Kawasaki, 75, (-49)
7. Maxime Renaux (F), Yamaha63, (-61)
8. Calvin Flanders (NL), Yamaha61, (-63)
9. Glenn Coldenhoff (NL), Strange53, (-71)
10. Valentine Guillod (CH), Honda, 51, (-73)

17. Maximilian Detectives (D), KTM15, (-109)
18. Tom Koch (D), KTM, KTM13, (-111)
19. Alvin Östlund (S), Honda, 7, (-117)
20. Kevin Brumann (CH), Husqvarna5, (-119)