Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) also wins in the Riola Sardo / Motocross MX2 World Championship

Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) also wins in the Riola Sardo / Motocross MX2 World Championship

World championship leader Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna) won the Sardinian Grand Prix in Riola Sardo with a result of 2-1 ahead of his Belgian teammate Lucas Coenen. Simon Längenfelder was fourth in the Grand Prix classification.

Red Bull KTM Factory driver Sacha Cohen also drawn in the second run MX2– Class of Holeshotbut this time it was too Kay Wild dog (Husqvarna), who led in the first round. Race winner from Fire-1, Lucas Cohen (Husqvarna), he went again motivational into the race and quickly made his way forward to a large extent. Ready starting from First place round sat Husqvarna-The driver works against his twin brother and Simon Längenfelder (GASGAS) who started well and reached. P2.

Maybe it was Lucas very impatient at this stage of the race. He was able to close the leader’s gap Kay de Wolf close, but in one long On lap 7, he went down on the front wheel in the right hand corner. Before continuing the race, Längenfelder was gone. Then he drove Cohen With anger in his stomach as if it had been released, he passed Längenfelder on the next lap at the corner where he had previously crashed. Now it had to Lucas Cohen gap of 12 seconds drive – too much for the remaining 10 rounds. Kay de Wolf won the second race with the Sardinian Grand Prix with a result of 2-1.

Defending champion Andrea Adamo (KTM) crossed the finish line in 3rd place after a good result, but was disqualified by the race officials because… The way of the pit He was driven through without stopping, which was a painful setback for the Sicilian. Adamowho is otherwise in third place Podiumsrang would have stood, falling from 3rd place to 5th place due to this zero round.

Victory factory driver Michael Hair up crashed in the first corner and managed to recover in the second P9 just do damage control. He is from South Africa his colleague Camden McLellan came P5 to the finish line and standing on the World Championship podium for the first time in his career.

After his third win in a row The leader of the WM Kay de Wolf extends his lead in the World Cup standings from 12 to 29 over Simon Längenfelder.

Results Riola Sardinian MX2:

1. Kay de Wolf (NL), Husqvarna2-1
2. Lucas Cohen (B), Husqvarna1-2
3. Camden McLellan (FOR), Victory, 3-5
4. Simon Längenfelder (D), GASGAS, 7-3
5. Liam Everts (B), KTM8-4
6. Rick Elzinga (NL), Yamaha6-8
7. Michael Hair up (Dr), Victory, 5-9
8. Thibault They are in good health (F), Yamaha10-7
9. Sacha Cohen (B), KTM13-6
10. Marc-Antoine Rossi (F), GASGAS, 11-10
11. Orioles Oliver (E), KTM9-13
12. Andrew Adamo (me), KTM, 4-Disq.

MX2 World Cup standings after stage 3 of 20:

1. Kay de Wolf (NL), Husqvarna170 points
2. Simon Längenfelder (D), GASGAS, 141, (-29)
3. Lucas Cohen (B), Husqvarna124, (-46)
4. Thibault They are in good health (F), Yamaha106, (-64)
5. Andrew Adamo (me), KTM100 (-41)
6. Michael Hair up (Dr), Victory, 96, (-74)
7. Camden McLellan (FOR), Victory, 95, (-75)
8. Marc-Antoine Rossi (I), GASGAS, 80, (-90)
9. Rick Elzinga (NL), Yamaha78 (-92)
10. Sacha Cohen (B), KTM77, (-93)