Ken Roczen (Suzuki): Smoke in the radiator / American Supercross

Ken Roczen (Suzuki): Smoke in the radiator / American Supercross

In the first final in St. Rockzen still finished the race.

After Start to the first Triple Crown final Events from St. Louis there was an accident in which several drivers were involved. Mitchell Oldenburg took the lead, but failed in the rhythm section, so Chase Sexton (KTM) and Adam Cianciarulo collided and fell. The jet Lawrence (Honda) rolled over the Kawasaki, which was lying on the ground Cianciarulo. Ken Rockzen he was directly behind Lawrence and hit the rear, causing him to come off his feet near his motorcycle. Thanks to his good performance he could do one Stbut still avoided him, held the handlebars, ran next to him Suzuki and jump back to continue the race.

It was revealed immediately after the incident Kens look at her Suzukithat the left radiator was damaged and the coolant was leaking, or rather it was boiling hot Steam! The fact that the German was able to finish the race under these conditions was one of his best fighting feats, because the hot water vapor also got into the leg area. Like The jet Lawrence When he was right on his back wheel, he slipped off the footrest and nearly fell when he landed.

Finally it was Event von St. Louis to Rockzen damage control only. “It took me a few days to digest last weekend,” he explained later. “Now I’ve also noticed that the cold on the frame and the acting is very slippery.”

The campaign still brought him a lot of respect and support on social networks: “You have The jet “I even beat him on the legs,” wrote one of the fans, “and then on the outside line as well.”

After problems in St. Louis Fiel Rockzen after 12 out of 17 Eventis back up to fifth in the table, 13 points behind Eli Tomaki (Yamaha), who after his victory in St. Louis rose to fourth place in the table.

Championship position Event 12 version 17:

1. The jet Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 244
2. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha236, (-8)
3. Chase Sexton (USA), KTM224, (-20)
4. Eli Tomaki (USA) Yamaha215, (-29)
5. Ken Rockzen (D), Suzuki202, (-42)
6. Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM198, (-46)
7. Jason Anderson (USA), Kawasaki, 188, (-56)
8. Justin Cooper (USA), Yamaha147, (-97)
9. Justin sleep (USA), GASGAS, 138, (-106)
10. Malcolm Stewart (USA), Husqvarna, 133, (-111)