Kia apart from the EMEA League of Legends Championship also in 2023

Kia apart from the EMEA League of Legends Championship also in 2023

For the fifth year in a row Kiathrough its European subsidiary, is proving itself to be a major sponsor of League of Legends EMA Championship (LEC). The 2023 season of the main stage of eSports for the world began on Saturday 21 January with a new edition of the Winter Divide, which will end at the end of February.

Collaboration between technology and social and environmental awareness

The continuation of the partnership is in accordance with Kia Europe’s strategy, which focuses more on the customer and a more socially and environmentally aware future. The link between Kia’s modern vision and LEC users, big tech enthusiasts, thus takes the shape of a new place by bringing together different generations who share the same interests.

New version of Winter division, which debuted last weekend, showcases the LEC’s new split format, complete with a double-elimination playoff. The spring and summer divisions will follow, in which we will reach the qualifying stages for the 2023 Season Finals for the World Championships which this year will be held in South Korea.

Those statements

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with League of Legends EMEA Tournaments, one of the largest and fastest growing esports platforms in the world,” he said. Jason Jeong, president of Kia Europe. “We look forward to reuniting and contributing, as a long-term sponsor, to the growth of the esports community in 2023.”

“Kia has been a consistent and reliable sponsor of the LEC for many years now, so we are delighted to see it confirmed as a Major Partner for the 2023 season as well,” he said. Eva Suarez, Head of Esports Ventures EMEA. “As a league, we are always striving to improve and provide a more interesting experience for our fans. The partnership with Kia, a standard bearer of innovation in all its propositions, will allow us to improve our offer and ensure an amazing experience for our supporters throughout the season”. has been selected by the new Google News service, if you want to be constantly updated about our news
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