Lamborghini Countach, 25th Anniversary for auction

Lamborghini Countach, 25th Anniversary for auction

It could be the world’s newest Lamborghini Countach, in the 25th Anniversary edition. An example that has traveled only a few kilometers since 1990 will be auctioned on January 26.

Manuel Cecconi

It has been preserved as a kind of time capsule, that time which is perhaps the golden age of supercars. We are talking about the Lamborghini Countach which, on January 26, will be sold at auction in Arizona, having covered the beauty of… 155 miles, about 250 kilometers: this is the distance shown on the dashboard of the luxurious V12 del Toro, the 25th. Black Anniversary which, for given the conditions, they will reach dizzying figures with easeRM Sotheby’s event.


How many boys, among those who have recently crossed the finish line of the “doors”, had your poster in their room? The Countach was a true symbol of the era, the forbidden dream of a generation that saw the birth of modern supercars, which this Lambo – along with Ferrari F40 and other jewelry from the late eighties – it is a kind of represents the spiritual mother. So the opportunity is one of those ambitious, perhaps unique, given that the very low mileage of this model makes it, in all likelihood, the “newest” Countach in the world. The car, painted black with a gray leather interior, was bought in February 1990 by a Detroit doctor, who apparently enjoyed it very little: when it reappeared at an Ohio dealer in 2007, it had only eight miles on its credit, about 13. km.

It makes it CLEAR

After becoming part of the collection of a wealthy enthusiast, the Lambo has been regularly maintained, started and taken to have its wheels straightened to keep its components in perfect working order. Above all, a 5.2 liter twelve cylinder, similar to the Quattrovalvole 5000 from which the 25th Anniversary borrowed all its mechanics. To give an idea of ​​how well preserved this sample is, just consider that the tires are still original equipment Pirellis, an interesting detail but certainly not encouraging when it comes to digging in with the right foot to release. angry 455 hp. Considering the current prices of the model and the unique characteristics of the car in question, it cannot be excluded that the auction will reach a figure close to one million euros.