Land Rover is about to disappear from the market.  It will be replaced by three new brands

Land Rover is about to disappear from the market. It will be replaced by three new brands

The British Revolution. The Jaguar Land Rover name is about to become a thing of the past. Just like the Land Rover brand itself. Defender, Discovery and Range Rover will appear in its place. All this will happen with the gradual change of the British concern for electromobility.

British Jaguar Land Rover previously announced its plans. A few years ago, the introduction of a strategy known as Let’s think again. To implement that, the company will spend EUR 17 billion in the next 5 years.

In fact everything is about to change – including the name of the company. Instead of Jaguar Land Rover, the official name will be JLR.

JLR is set to become a brand house

“Two years ago we started our strategic journey Let’s think again and since then we have made great strides – including the launch of two new, established, modern luxury models, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, to complete the record-breaking Defender family,” says Jaguar Land Rover CEO Adrian Mardell.

“We achieved this in response to the crisis and the chip shortage and effectively increased the production of our most profitable models, which allowed us to become profitable in the third quarter of 2022,” adds Mardell.

According to the plan Let’s think again JLR is a well-known brand house. As part of it, brands from Land Rover’s popular model lines will be phased out. That is Defender, Discovery and Range Rover. Will continue to work with them Jaguar.

The Land Rover name is about to become a thing of the past.
land rover

“We love Land Rover, but its value is not as high as Range Rover and the demand for Defender is increasing. In fact, Range Rover is a brand, and so is Defender. Customers say they own a Range Rover. In the world of luxury, you need absolute transparency. Land Rover The Range Rover SV Autobiography, for example, does not offer this clarity,” says JLR Design Director Gerry McGobern.

Complete transition to electromobility

Let’s think again also provides that by 2030, all JLR models should be electric. The first electric Range Rover will debut in 2025. The car should be based on the all-new ELR platform.

But the concern will also keep alive the MLA platform that, among others, the current Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. It offers maximum flexibility, “handling” internal combustion engines and hybrid powertrains. Cars based on it should be available in markets that will not rely solely on electricity.

Jaguar will receive a new, standard design for electric models. Known as JEA, it is expected to “serve” three new cars, the first of which will be a four-door GT. The car will be shown next year and will offer a range of up to 700 km. It is possible that it will be called XJ.


Further changes will affect British industries. And so Halewood will be a production center for electric cars. On the other hand, traction batteries and electric motors have to leave the Wolverhampton plant, where combustion engines are currently manufactured. As a result, it will be named “Electric Storage Production Center”.

The British carmaker will also expand its factory in Castle Bromwich. In the future, body parts for electric cars will be produced here.

The Halewood plant is set to become a hub for electric vehicles.
Jaguar Land Rover

“I am proud to announce that we are accelerating our electrification course by moving to fully electric production at one of our factories in the UK, along with the next generation of our mid-size luxury SUV design,” says Mardell.

“This investment allows us to strengthen our future of modern luxury, develop new capabilities and confirm our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2039.” he adds.

Jaguars XE and XF will disappear from the market in 2025

What about the current Jaguar XE and XF? Their production cycle will end in 2025. It is expected that both models will not have direct successors. But it is possible that the XE will be reborn in full electric form, although it is not clear whether it will retain its current name.

JLR is also working on fuel cell development. This is done under the name “Project Zeus”, and its effect is to help the company take the next step in the world of electromobility.