Lando Norris on contract extension: “I owe McLaren”

Lando Norris on contract extension: “I owe McLaren”

Lando Norris recently extended his contract with McLaren until 2025 and felt he owed it to the team that gave him a place in Formula 1. The 22-year-old had a contract until 2023 and extended it for another two years.

Norris is entering his fourth year in Formula 1 and is the leader of the British team. McLaren already supported Norris in the entry-level classes of Formula 1 and Norris has not forgotten that and is therefore in his place with the team. Together with Daniel Ricciardo, he will defend the colors of McLaren in the new year.

‘Love the people I work with’

McLaren has supported Norris in his younger years and the young Brit has not forgotten that, he tells the media, incl. They have GPF“I feel I owe it to McLaren. I owe it a lot to McLaren and I just want to be part of that journey and make sure I know I’m in the right place for the next two, three or even four years.” In addition to the responsibility he feels, he also enjoys being with the team. “That and of course I really like it here. It’s very good. I like the people I work with and I don’t want to change anything there at the moment,” explains the number six of last year’s final classification.

‘I wanted to remain part of the team’

Norris has spoken to opposing teams here and there. “None of the conversations were about details, because I was also talking to Andreas [Seidl] and Zech [Brown]”, he says. Norris continues: “Even since the last contract extension we have been talking about the future and that the team wanted to keep me and that I wanted to remain part of the team. contract with McLaren: “We want to win together and our goal is to win and win the championship together.”