Lexus main character at Milan Design Week 2023

Lexus main character at Milan Design Week 2023

Start the engine, let’s go: Lexus is once again among the most awaited protagonists of Milan Design Week. For the fourteenth year in a row, the first edition of the Toyota Group participates in one of the most important events in the city and installation Made of Air created in collaboration with an architect and an artist Suchi Reddy and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Miami. From the 17th to the 23rd of April at the Superstudio via Tortona 27, a historic location and a permanent center in one of the most sought-after areas of the Fuorisalone, Lexus is highlighting its commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship and its design vision – always human-centered – in the arena of electricity and work inspired by the Electric Sport, a next-generation car that represents Lexus’ vision for the best sports car of the future (acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is expected in two seconds) and battery. – electrical training.

Suchi Reddy gives a standard interpretation of Lexus Electrified Sports, the shape of air and light, and a series of maxi green leaves that show the changes in nature. This concept, from which the artist draws inspiration, represents a real manifesto of how Lexus sees the electrification of the future today: high performance and fun driving. The car, made in part from recycled and recycled consumer goods, may seem ordinary at first glance, but when you look closely, you can clearly see the silhouette of the future car. Made of Air thus he becomes the protagonist of the space created to welcome and reflect on the event. The aim is to make the many curious and design addicts who will invade Milan during the week of Salone del Mobile rest and relax, giving them the feeling of walking in the forest and hearing the rustle of leaves underfoot.

Like every year, Lexus takes this time to celebrate its passion and commitment to design by presenting the winners of Lexus Design Awards 2023award which – now in his year eleventh edition – is characterized by a mission to support and develop young designers and give them visibility especially during the Milan Design Week. This year’s winning proposals continue in the tradition of addressing the problems and trends of the time and theme”Innovation for a Better Tomorrow” and, indeed, the four extraordinary winning proposals aim to solve certain social problems to help prepare for the coming decades.

The jury formed by Paola Antonelli, Karim Rashid and Simon Humphries selected the four best projects from 2,068 applications representing 63 countries and geographical areas: Pavels Hedström (Sweden, moved to Denmark), Jiaming Liu (China), Temporary Office (Vincent Lai, Singapore). and Douglas Lee, Canada, immigrated to the United States) and Kyeongho Park and Yejin Heo (Republic of Korea).

Winners of the Lexus Innovation Award 2023:

Pavels Hedstrom: Fog-X is an expandable mobile shelter that captures fog and turns it into potable water (up to 10 liters per day). It can be used to harvest water in arid environments around the world where water is scarce but needed.

Liu Jiaming: A clay, non-electric and 3D printed humidifier. Made from recycled ceramic waste, it can stand alone or be used on a wall or window, making it ideal for small spaces. Unique shape construction increases water absorption. Design is not only functional but also elegant.

Temporary office: Touch the Valley is a 3D graphic puzzle that helps visually impaired people learn about the real world. The process of putting the puzzle together helps them recognize and encourage the experience of the physical world through touch.

Kyeongho Park and Yejin Heo: Zero Bag is a laundry detergent that dissolves in water and works as a detergent that can remove any chemicals from clothes. Washing both your clothes and the bag in the washing machine before wearing it for the first time reduces unnecessary packaging waste and removes any chemicals from your clothes.

As every year, graduates are personally supported by a team of advisors – including Hideki Yoshimoto, winner of the first edition in 2013 – which helps them turn their idea into a prototype. Lexus has also launched the People’s Choice award, where the public can vote for their favorite project. Voting will open in April, for those visiting the presentation and for those viewing the work online.

Finally, at Superstudio via Tortona 27 it will be possible to admire up close as well exposure to Lexus RZ Full Electric, Lexus’ new electric SUV built on a special BEV platform. With an emotional and seamless design, the RZ Full Electric is inspired by the BEV driving experience, where the exterior reinterprets the classic Lexus hourglass shape in the car’s body, while the interior is light and open, simple yet elegant, showing Lexus Omotenashi. Takumi’s hospitality and craftsmanship. Once again this year, the Fuorisalone represents a good step for Lexus to narrate the values ​​that are visible in the cars that it offers to its public: design intended not only as an element of work in the design and construction of cars but above all as a tool. pillar of the brand’s future vision.


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