Loss of value?  Here’s how much your electric car is still worth after four years

Loss of value? Here’s how much your electric car is still worth after four years

Is Tesla worth the money? What is the remaining purchase price after four years? This is what the numbers show. Here are the best electric cars in the valuable scrap space.

A quarter gone – after just one year: On average, new cars lose a full 24.4 percent of their value in the first twelve months. After that the worst, the value decreases more slowly. However, after four years there is no remaining original purchase price.

However, depreciation hits some areas harder than others. And some models also perform better than their rivals. Market watchers call Bähr & Fess Forecasts and “focus.de” the best of them all: value champions of all segments.

Electric cars: These are the absolute winners when it comes to residual value

These models lose a little money from their new price in four years.



Electric cars: These are the winners for residual value

These varieties lose a small percentage of their new value in four years.



These are the comparison criteria

– Purchased in June 2023 at list price
– For sale in June 2027 at dealer sale price
– Annual mileage: 11,500 km

What makes the loss of value low?

In general, the more desirable the new car is, the less its loss in value. Because such models are also in high demand as used cars. And this great demand, in turn, keeps the loss of value within bounds.

But even with the right equipment you can minimize the loss of value – and with the wrong one it can increase it significantly.

  • Popular models, popular features: They protect against significant loss of value. A small car should not have 400 hp – and vice versa, no one wants to buy a luxury model with a basic engine.
  • Muted colors are required. Often you will only be able to sell a yellow or red car at a huge loss – unless you drive a Ferrari.
  • When it comes to accessories, the top of the car, more than the extra should be on board.