Macau Grand Prix in 2022 without Formula 3, GT World Cup and WTCR

Macau Grand Prix in 2022 without Formula 3, GT World Cup and WTCR

( – Macau Grand Prix will also be forced to do without the Form 3 World Cup, the FIA ​​GT World Cup and the WTCR Tourist World Cup in issue 69 in 2022. This was confirmed by the Sports Council of Cars World at its most recent conference.

System 3 will not drive in Macau this year either


The reason given by WMSC is “ongoing quarantine barriers and logistical challenges” in relation to the corona epidemic. In fact, login to SAR is still strictly controlled.

Foreigners are not allowed to enter the country. Except are citizens of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as holders of “non-resident employee IDs”, as the Federal Foreign Office writes on its website. In addition, staying up to 21 days in a quarantine hotel is a must.

In the last two years, these strict rules have been one of the reasons why it is only a local series, such as the 4th China System or the Chinese TCR Tournament, which has begun in the Macau Grand Prix.

The Tourist World Cup did not just delete the Macau race weekend on the calendar. Severe travel restrictions have prompted WTCR organizers to cancel all events in Asia. Weekend races in Inje (South Korea) and Ningbo (China) also become victims of the corona virus.

The Macau Grand Prix will be held for the 69th time this year. The first show took place in 1954. At that time, the Grand Prix was created as a car racing event. From 1983 to 2019, Formula 3 was the main action. Motorcycles were added to the ranks in 1967, and tourist cars in 1972.