Maserati will take inspiration from Ferrari and Bugatti to move forward

Maserati will take inspiration from Ferrari and Bugatti to move forward

Maserati intends to move forward, and to do so, the Italian manufacturer will develop exceptional services and products, even offering unique models.

Surely you remember the Maserati Alfieri, a concept presented in 2014 which, unfortunately, and to the chagrin of some customers, remained so. Know that in the future, if you like a Maserati concept car, it is possible to have its production version, and just for you. How? Just by telling Maserati that you are willing to pay the price.

In an interview with our colleagues from Top Gear, Davide Danesin, chief engineer of Maserati, spoke about the future strategies of the Modena manufacturer. The personalization department will take more and more importance, time The brand will also focus on more unique modelslimited edition and exclusive products.

Building the Maserati of your dreams is soon possible

So here we are back where we started: if you liked the Maserati Alfieri and still can’t deal with the abandonment of the project (although the new Gran Turismo takes some of it), you can call Maserati and order one. the project. For this case, the limit is only dictated by the budget you have.

You can even go back in time and request a copy of the legendary Boomerang, with a more modern mechanical base. In short, Maserati will start the world of high customization, with unique projects and one-off results, like other high-end manufacturers such as Ferrari and Bugatti, to name a few.

At the same time, in addition to these unique models, Maserati also intends to develop “special” models, not unique, but with very little production. Here again, the transalpine manufacturer has been inspired by other manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Countach LPI 800-4 or Ferrari Daytona SP3.

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More exclusive Maseratis in the future

Being an exclusive manufacturer has a double interest for Maserati. The first is obviously to restore its image after a difficult period with aging products, but therefore the new series will definitely give a real face. Another interest, and this is certainly the most important, is the financial aspect.

Why? Simply because making a unique car from A to Z requires a huge investment and costs several million euros. In fact, Maserati will take the bases of certain models, such as the MC20 or the Gran Turismo, and create a unique style around this foundationfor more power to the engine for example, or even unique lines of the body.

This is for example what we saw in Ferrari with the SP48 Unica, a unique model developed around the technical platform of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. And obviously, the advantage of this type of car is that it can be changed for several thousand, or even millions of euros since it is unique and allows a large amount to be produced for the manufacturer, as well as being a new way of car. communication.