Mazda has a problem with the MX-30 model year 2022. Mismatch, delivery suspended

Mazda has a problem with the MX-30 model year 2022. Mismatch, delivery suspended

The 2022 Mazda MX-30 homologation model year has incorrect information about DC charging. As the software was updated in the spring, the cars replenish their power quickly. But the certificate contains incorrect, outdated data, and false information in mediation documents is a risk of punishment. Therefore, the manufacturer temporarily stopped the delivery of the MX-30 model.

Minor bug in Mazda MX-30 tuning

The news sounds amazing until we find out that the manufacturer is in a difficult situation. If he provides updated data in promotional materials, the first charge is that he is misleading consumers. After the processes in which the topic is explained (“Oh, yes, it loads quickly”), the company can be accused of not informing the management authority about the change.

According to Germany’s Westfallen-Blatt, it is an EC type certificate valid in every EU country. Mazda insists that there is no problem with the vehicles and that less than 1,000 vehicles are affected. The company must stop submitting them until it receives the updated document. It is enough that the correct information about the payment is included in them so that the vehicles can be returned to their recipients.

In Poland, the issue is of little importance, but the problem is visible in our western neighbors. In Germany, the standard subsidy for electric cars only applies until the end of the year, from 2023 it will be reduced, which is why the buyer can lose up to EUR 3,000 (equivalent to PLN 14,000) for each late collection. Fortunately, the German branch of the manufacturer promised customers that it would compensate them for any losses.

Note from the editorial office of Elektrowóz: in the process of verification of a new model, the manufacturer must provide a large amount of data. We would like to know how the above issue is related, for example, to Tesla, which uses software to control the parameters of its cars completely independently. Or maybe … it doesn’t control?

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