McLaren hopes to take another big step forward with improvements

McLaren hopes to take another big step forward with improvements

After a good run of development in the second half of last Formula 1 season, McLaren team boss Andrea Stella hopes that McLaren can once again achieve the improvements planned for the 2024 season.

In 2023, McLaren progressed from the middle tier to one of the fastest teams on the grid through steady improvement in the second half of the season. national grid to go The British team from Woking eventually finished fourth in the constructors’ championship. Andrea Stella, the boss of the McLaren team, hopes that the McLaren team can achieve that strong development again this year. Stella predicts it will be a ‘race to improve’ between the teams. “One simple step forward and improvement will not be enough, because others will also improve their cars at the same time,” Stella explains to ”It will really be a competition. Last year we were able to beat our competitors and improve our times even more. This remains our goal for this year. We think we are on a solid path in terms of improvement.

Compete with Ferrari

McLaren is currently third in the Constructors’ Championship, behind Red Bull and Ferrari. Although Stella would consider third place in the championship a great achievement, he sees an opportunity at certain circuits to fight Ferrari and the fastest team on the grid after Red Bull. national grid to be “If we can hold third place in the championship and finally put McLaren as the third best car, it will be a good result for the team. There are circuits where it looks like we can compete with Ferrari. So why not try to beat Ferrari too? In Formula 1 you have to go as fast as possible push. You try to develop your car as much as you can and maximize the race weekend as much as you can, then you’ll see where you are at the end.”

Photo: Pirelli

Grote Improvement in Miami

The McLaren team plans to present the new updates in Miami in three weeks. It is not yet known what exactly these major updates are about. Andrea Stella shares with that the team is only looking at how the team is doing at that time after the first improvement of the year. “As we begin some development and improvement after Miami, we will have more information to determine what we can fight for.”

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