MINI LOTTO results for September 16, 2022. Compare the numbers drawn on Friday

MINI LOTTO results for September 16, 2022. Compare the numbers drawn on Friday

Mini Lotto results on September 16, 2022 will be available on this website temporarily. If you can’t wait to see the results of the drawing, refresh this page. In a short time you will see the current results and see if Friday is your lucky day. If the Mini Lotto draw on 09/16/2022 doesn’t go your way, don’t worry, you won’t always win.

Mini Lotto drawing results from September 16, 2022

Will today’s Mini Lotto drawing be lucky for you? It doesn’t matter if you picked the same number as usual when picking the Mini Lotto numbers on 09/16/2022, or if you played randomly. The feeling is always the same. See if the drawing will be lucky for you. The numbers drawn on 16/09/2022 in the Mini Lotto are:

Lottery results

What is Mini Lotto?

Small lottountil October 8, 2009 it was called “Express Lotek“It’s one of those gaming that runs Totalizator Sportowy.

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How to play Mini Lotto?

Choose 5 numbers out of 42

The Mini Lotto game is about picking five numbers out of forty two. You cross the numbers selected manually, or you choose to draw on the machine (randomly). A coupon with the numbers circled once can be used multiple times at the lottery office.


How much can you win in Mini Lotto?

Win up to 300,000 zlotys
The amount of your winnings depends on the number of hits. When you check the results of the Mini Lotto drawing and it turns out that you hit five, you can win up to several hundred thousand zlotys. You will also get a reward for hitting four or three.

When can you check the results of the Mini Lotto drawing?

Draw results every day before 22

Lotto mini draws take place every day at 21:40. They are announced on TVP Details and on the Lotto websites. You can also check the current Mini Lotto drawing results with us.

Mini Lotto’s highest winnings

The highest Mini Lotto win was December 31, two thousand and fifteen in Nakło nad Notecią. Five correctly selected numbers were drawn in the results of the Mini Lotto drawing, bringing out the winners three hundred and sixty-six zlotys.
The result of the Mini Lotto drawing was also very lucky for some people from Katowice and Łazów. When they looked at the numbers, it turned out that they got more than three hundred and forty thousand zlotys.

Other Lotto Results

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