“Mr. Ferrari” Heribert Kasper on work and will: “Privately I failed”

“Mr. Ferrari” Heribert Kasper on work and will: “Privately I failed”

Luckily for her job, her 20-year marriage broke down privately. “Technically I have achieved more than I expected and I am very happy, but privately I will admit that I have failed. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my ex-wife, but I invested everything in my job and we got married only on weekends, “he says.

“After that, I fell in love with the second woman from the bottom of my heart. Overall, I’ve had as many women as Ferraris – that is, four,” she says with a smile. “In the erotic department, I’m not Ferrari, I’m Cinquecento, but maybe you can make Alpha from me,” he once told his second girlfriend. He took it with humor.

He describes his passion for life, his career and his name as his personal wealth. Unfortunately, Heribert Kasper has been living in the hotel for 11 years after several robberies. “Even if you’re single, it’s very good.”

His multi-event life is now also available in the form of a book – “Alles Sport Auto” published by Echo Medienhaus.

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