Natural gas crisis: BMW, Conti, Krones and Co prepare – Regensburg – News

Natural gas crisis: BMW, Conti, Krones and Co prepare – Regensburg – News

At Krones in Neutraubling, people are preparing for gas shortages in the autumn. If the 3rd emergency plan were to be established, important infrastructure such as hospitals and the public would be given priority for gas supply. Photo: Armin Weigel, dpa

Regensburg.Rewag cannot say exactly how much gas from Russia ends up with companies in the city of churches.Companies like Infineon and Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen are facing potential gas restrictions.

The energy crisis threatens Germany as a business location and thus also the industrial area of ​​Regensburg. As companies prepare for rising prices and gas lock-ups in autumn and winter, Rewag cannot say how much gas from the Regensburg pipelines came from Russia. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a specific number at this time.

At this stage, we can only supply a known part of Russian gas in the total volume in Germany,” said Rewag spokesman Martin Gottschalk when asked by MZ. “At that time, this was more than 50 percent and since then it has been reduced to a good 30 percent ,” Gottschalk continues.

Price spiral

According to information from entrepreneurs, Rewag has already set the price of the energy crisis in its offerings. As a result, the price will increase significantly. However, Rewag has not released any information about this: “Please understand that Rewag does not provide detailed information about special contracts in a large customer area,” said the spokesperson.

But what about international players? Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) recently asked the Federal Network Agency to declare a gas emergency level 3. Emergency level 1 is currently in effect. At level 3, the government can order that the industry be cut off from supply. “A few years ago, we saved gas and electricity for much longer,” said Nicolas Maier-Scheubeck, Managing Director of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. “The introduction of the third emergency level, which is being discussed, could cause economic damage to Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen.”

At Krones in Neutraubling, they are currently working to prepare for such an emergency: “Of course we are worried, but Krones is well prepared here and is going through individual situations if the supply situation turns bad,” said spokeswoman Ingrid Reuschl.

BMW spokesman Frank Wienstroth said they did not want to speculate on future events. “The BMW Group is fully prepared for possible gas shortages,” the spokesman said. “This affects our own locations as well as our supplier network.” The company examined all the production sites in Germany and Austria, “what possibilities exist to reduce gas consumption”. BMW also reported findings from the Federal Network Agency.

“In principle, further savings in gas consumption by the BMW Group are possible in the short term under certain conditions without jeopardizing the security of supply to the German regions,” said Wienstroth.

“We continue to monitor the volatile situation closely and are in close contact with the relevant institutions and authorities,” said a BMW spokesperson. However, Wienstroth did not want to comment on the specific impact on the plant in Harting.

Electric drive developer Vitesco Technologies is also trading. “We are already in contact with the grid suppliers to take further measures if the gas emergency worsens,” spokeswoman Emerenz Magerl-Ziegler said. “At Vitesco Technologies in Regensburg we use gas primarily for climate purposes in our buildings, and to a lesser extent also in pilot processes.”

The situation is the same in the former parent company Continental, from which Vitesco has separated: “To ensure our business, we are closely monitoring developments in terms of energy availability and prices and we are in close contact with all parties involved,” says spokesperson Elke. Härtl. According to the current situation, the safety of production on the site can be guaranteed.

“Regardless of this, we have planned various types of events for the event of a gas emergency, coordinated with the relevant authorities and are therefore well prepared,” says Härtl.

There has been a worldwide chip shortage for some time. “Natural gas is an important energy source for semiconductor manufacturing and is needed in production processes,” Infineon spokeswoman Sabine Goetz said. “The restriction of natural gas supply will therefore have restrictions on our production. Infineon cannot do without natural gas.” The following applies: “Compared to other sectors of the economy, our overall demand is moderate.” As soon as the war began, Infineon began to replace natural gas in production processes in the medium term. “It still applies, however, that we will remain dependent on natural gas,” the spokesman said.

Rewag: The gas is here

But how much will the gas decrease? Rewag spokesman Gottschalk said: “Basically, it can be stated that Rewag has purchased the contractually agreed amount.” On this basis, the Regensburg energy supplier assumes “that the companies that have concluded contracts with us will be able to deliver”. However, if “a shortage of gas occurs and the distribution is carried out by the Federal Network Corporation, different situations and different distribution systems will certainly occur”.

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