New Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid: An SUV that comfortably charges from home

New Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid: An SUV that comfortably charges from home

The New Lexus NX is a hybrid SUV that marries innovation and sustainability. With Full Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid options, they offer superior performance, superior security and a small environmental footprint. A modern solution for a cleaner and more efficient future on the road.

Almost two decades have passed since Lexus’ first hybrid SUV hit the market, marking the first step of an ambitious journey.

The challenge of the Toyota group, of which Lexus is a part, is actually that of reduce emissions by 90% by 2050 compared to 2010 levels.

In addition to reducing car emissions, the goal is to achieve zero CO2 emissions for all Lexus production facilities and reduce water consumption by 2050.

In such a situation, it is not surprising that the latest recommendations of Lexus, such as plug-in hybrid suv of the NX range, having a low environmental impact.

New Lexus NX Hybrid: choose between Full Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

The new Lexus NX is available locally two dialects: Full Hybrid e Hybrid plug-in.

Version The Complete Hybrid offers three trim levels with all-wheel drive and the NX350h 4WD Full Hybrid engine: Premium+, F-Sport and Luxury. The Full Hybrid (HEV) technology combines a combustion engine and an electric motor, thus guaranteeing a reduction in fuel consumption of around 5 liters per 100 kilometers without the need for external charging.

For technology Plug-in hybridThe NX450h+ 4WD Plug-in Hybrid engine delivers less carbon dioxide emissions (25 g/km) and a fuel consumption has decreased to 9 liters per 100 kilometers.

With an electric range of up to 76 km (with default EV settings), the New Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid can be easily charged at home via a home socket, wall box or charging station, offering flexibility in charging options .

Plug-in hybrid: innovative technology

As you know, a hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) is equipped with a A hybrid petrol-electric powertrain with bigger batteries and more powerful engineswhich generally allows him long run in electric modewithout having to use a petrol engine.

Of course, this technology allows it to be plugged in and recharged like an electric car, as well as refueling like a regular gasoline car.

High performance

The NX frequency plug-in model uses a four cylinder combustion engine it is configuration of two electric motors (Lexus Plug-in Hybrid), a configuration that allows them to achieve the best overall power:

  • Engine: 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine with Lexus Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive
  • Strong: 304 CV
  • Contagion: a four-wheeled vehicle
  • 0-100 km/h: 6 seconds
  • Full speed: 200 km/h

The battery can be fully charged in 4.5 hours and comfortably at home

The battery provides 18.1 kWh of the NX 450h+ can be charged for about 12 hours using a home power source that includes one for 120 Volts.

In addition, there is the possibility to charge it with a Level 2 EV charger using a 240 Volt socket, which reduces the charging time to 4.5 hours.

The NX450h+ battery is designed for one long term use and is covered by ten year guarantee.

Standard measurements

Let’s see some of the features of the NX range:

  • Dual-zone climate control with internal air filter, smoke sensor and auto cycle mode.
  • Eight-way power adjustable driver’s seat with two-way power lumbar.
  • Lexus Memory System for driver’s seat, steering wheel and exterior mirrors.
  • SmartAccess and Start/Pause button.
  • Ten-speaker premium sound system.
  • Environmental theme lighting.
  • Lexus app (remote connection, engine start, service schedule, vehicle status reports/notifications and more).
  • Digital key.
  • A copy of the phone’s camera is saved.

Safety first

Safety plays an important role in Lexus designs, to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.

Here are some main feature:

  • Pre-collision system: This system uses integrated radar and camera technology to detect pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. It provides warnings and can assist in steering or automatic braking to avoid potential collisions.
  • Support for Tracking Routes: This system is designed to help the driver keep the car in the center of the lane, it provides steering assistance, especially useful in traffic and on highways with gentle curves.
  • Lane departure warning with steering assist: By monitoring the road markings visible through the camera, this system warns the driver if an involuntary lane deviation is detected at a speed of more than 52 km/h. It provides warnings and light corrective actions to get the vehicle back on track.
  • Road markings support: Using an integrated camera, this system provides traffic sign information on the instrument cluster or Head-Up Display, improving the driver’s awareness of traffic signs.
  • Intelligent overhead beams: This feature switches between high and low beams based on vehicles detected ahead, providing high beams when the road is clear and switching to low beams to avoid problems for other drivers.

With nearly two decades of hybrid SUV innovation, the New Lexus NX represents the latest evolution of an ambitious sustainability vision. In a context where reducing emissions is a priority, the NX range, made up of Full Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid engines, emerges as a modern solution. The plug-in hybrid offers an electric range of up to 76 km, with the flexibility of charging via a home socket, wall box or column. This technology fits into the Toyota group’s wider ecological goals, and contributes to reducing harmful emissions. With high performance, a battery that can be recharged at home after 4.5 hours and advanced safety features, the New Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid proves to be the perfect combination of efficiency, performance and sustainability for today’s drivers.

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