New RAM 1200, arriving in Brazil only [Foto Spia] – Hello

New RAM 1200, arriving in Brazil only [Foto Spia] – Hello

The Stellantis group seems to be expanding to South America and according to the latest rumors, the new RAM 1200 should arrive at the end of 2023.

January 25, 2023

Nopen few hours ago, an example of a Lift up which seems to be new 1200 RAMknown as Project 291.

According to the latest rumors, it seems that the brand United States focuses on expanding the market South Americaa work which is currently provided for a branded version of Fiat Bull.

The new RAM 1200 is expected to be built at the Jeep factory Pernambuco (Brazil) and according to the latest rumors, it should be the base about architecture Small Wide 4×4 from Stellantis which currently manages vehicles such as Fiat BullJeep Compass and the new 7-seater Jeep Commander.

On the side of engine available, two variants should be released at the launch of the car pushers:

  • Four cylinders in line tiger shark from 2.0 liters which should contain a turbocharger (the reason for Tigershark’s improvement is due to its ability to accept ethanol, a popular choice in Brazil). The engine should have a horsepower of approx 200 hp and mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox ZF.

  • Another available engine should be turbo diesel Multijet II 2.2-liter inline four-cylinder. The developed force should be approx 203 hp and should be connected to the automatic transmission for 9 speed original ZF.

Finally, both power plants should be tensioned whole wheat 4×4 stock and about the new Ram 1200, should hit dealer showrooms toward the end of 2023 as Model Year 2024.