Noah Dettwiler (KTM): Third school lesson in Texas / Moto3

Noah Dettwiler (KTM): Third school lesson in Texas / Moto3

Moto3 players face the ultimate test of maturity in Austin. Noah Dettwiler can rely on the expertise of Tom Lüthi – who was already on the podium at the “Circuit of the Americas”.

Immediately after the Portuguese GP, the Grand Prix visitor took advantage of the cancellation of the race in Argentina for a surprisingly short holiday back home. Instead of returning to the center of life and training in Valencia as planned, we returned to the home community of Flüh, not far from Bern, with parents in hand luggage.

After a short Easter holiday with family, Noah Dettwiler expects a special lesson in his young career next weekend – the first trip to the “Circuit of the Americas”, which has been built on the GP calendar since 2013.

The KTM RC4 pilot receives full support from his legendary sponsor Tom Lüthi at the second undisclosed race after Qatar. The GP veteran, who retires at the end of 2021, knows the slopes of Texas very well and can show very successful statistics with wins and second places.

In general, Austin is a field of success from the German point of view. Marcel Schrötter came second behind Lüthi in 2019. Lüthi, who supports his compatriot’s work as a friend and mentor, is himself absent. There will be a special overview from Texas specialist Lüthi on Thursday during the route inspection via smartphone. From Switzerland’s point of view, an experienced teammate in the CIP Green Power Team is also positive. Riccardo Rossi has already reached ninth place in the past. Above all, the first sector, which is respected by all pilots and at the same time feared to be very technical, with a whole sequence of direction changes at different speeds, will be a special lesson for the ambitious Swiss.

The first two stations of the year went uneventfully, with no visible results. At least the 18-year-old stayed unscathed and finished the entire Grand Prix with confidence. In his fastest laps, a good two seconds separated the rookie from the elite of the small shifting class.

Timings won’t play a big role, at least in the first free practice session on Friday. But in the playoffs soon, Noah Dettwiler will at least be able to test himself against other giants, including the Spaniard Xabi Zurutuza, who is participating for the first time. Because on the slopes in Texas, as on any other race track, that applies: that’s racing.