NTC 2024: Auinger as a spectator in Oschersleben / circuit

NTC 2024: Auinger as a spectator in Oschersleben / circuit

Gustl Auinger was also present at the mandatory introductory course and pre-season test of the Northern Talent Cup (NTC) this year. Is he already looking for talent under the Red Bull Rookies Cup?

Since the inception of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in 2007, five-time 125cc Grand Prix winner August “Gustl” Auinger has been passing on his skills as a rider trainer to the talents competing for the Moto3 World Championship. He is also part of the committee that selects the guests for the following year at the end of each season.

When this year’s Northern Talent Cup (NTC) participants completed their mandatory introductory course and pre-season test in Oschersleben last weekend, the Austrian was also there. Is he already looking for talent under the Red Bull Rookies Cup? We wanted to know.

“It’s quite simple. Dorna has a MotoGP Road project and the Northern Talent Cup is part of it like the Red Bull Rookies Cup. This year the Northern Talent Cup is very interesting for me because there are two newcomers from our MiniGP series of Austria – Tobias Kitzbichler and Ben Wiegner. When they jump into this cold water, as a guardian you have the feeling that you have to protect them a little more. That’s the main reason,” explained the 68-year-old Austrian Upper in an interview with SPEEDWEEK.com.

This means that he was not at Oschersleben in his role in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, but dedicated to the two riders involved. Apparently, with his help, at the end of the two test days required for a total of twelve half-hour training sessions, Ben Wiegner from Plauen was ranked as the fastest driver of all drivers and all shifts. And Tobias Kitzbichler from Niederndorf in Tyrol also did better with 7th place.

Auinger also prepared his assessment of the NTC as follows: “If you are a sports fan, it doesn’t matter what series it is. It’s good to be there. The Northern Talent Cup is now at a very high level and very interesting to watch. The big question is always, why are there so few German speakers in MotoGP? I believe that a lot has now been done to ensure that young talent can be developed and developed. Let’s see if this is on the right track.”

He also had only words of praise for the MiniGP of the previous stage of the NTC and said: “MiniGP we have rules that apply worldwide. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, you follow the same rules and in the end you meet at the world finals. In this age group and then also in the NTC, it is very important that the talent comes out with the same technical material. The ladder is now built, that’s why it’s only a matter of time until we have a German-speaking world champion again.”

Although of course he has to be neutral in his role in the Red Bull Cup, he can be a participant in the NTC. “The Northern Talent Cup is like the Rookies Cup. There’s an official Riders Coach. That means there’s a structure that’s set. I’m not going to be involved in that. I’m here if one of my named drivers has a question, I’m happy to help.”

Recalling his beginnings as a trainer for Red Bull Rookies, he explained: “When the Rookies Cup was created, I was assigned motorcycle technology. For me it was like Christmas, Easter and birthday at the same time, because I love technology more than anything. When it arrived, it was said: No, the technology stays in Mattighofen, you take care of the drivers! At first I was very disappointed because I didn’t get this tech job and today I am the happiest person in the world. As a technician, you work with advanced and unique equipment. I have worked with 13-year-old children. If a 13-year-old child is sitting on the wall of a hole and cries and sits next to you in the evening, laughs and says thank you, then you have found something that no material or money can give you.

And more on this topic: “I still get letters from drivers who didn’t do a good job. But they write to me that they will never forget their time in the Rookies Cup. That’s the reward of work. You can’t pay for that with money.”