Pit Beirer (KTM): “Liberty Media – a unique opportunity” / MotoGP

Pit Beirer (KTM): “Liberty Media – a unique opportunity” / MotoGP

What was long suspected is now a done deal: After Formula 1, Liberty Media is also adding MotoGP to its racing portfolio. KTM sporting director Pit Beirer sees the deal as a great and unique opportunity.

Yesterday, Easter Monday, it was made clear what had been going on for a long time – Dorna Sports SL in Madrid, which is responsible for organizing and marketing the World Motorcycle Championship, is getting a new majority owner. As reported yesterday, American Liberty Media Group will take over 86 percent of the company’s shares.

MotoGP will therefore be included in the global planned sports marketing capabilities. After Formula 1, the world’s most important motorcycle racing platform moves under the umbrella of Liberty Media.

The acquisition will create new opportunities for the World Road Championship, especially on the marketing side. The new ownership structure will not change anything in the operating business at this time. As confirmed from the US, Dorna’s headquarters will remain in Madrid. CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta will also remain in office.

A day after the important release, KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer spoke to SPEEDWEEK about the news. “This is very good news for us. When we finally found out about it yesterday, we were very happy. For us – and for the sport. If you look at what Liberty Media has done and continues to do for Formula 1 in terms of sports marketing, then we see this as an opportunity to unique to take MotoGP to the next level.”

Pit Beirer continues with the hopes of the developers: “You just have to see what a huge advantage Liberty Media has at its disposal. Their network and their possibilities, for example in realizing the most complete TV report, are very big. It is a special opportunity for our big game to hit another step forward with this group of stars. In the end, everyone should benefit from more comprehensive marketing: athletes, manufacturers and of course fans.

When asked to what extent the manufacturers were involved in the business, the motoring director says: “Of course it was not surprising to know about it. But we were not involved in the details.”

Beirer emphasizes that the focus on marketing MotoGP is very important, because at the moment there is no need for action: “It is very good what Carmelo Ezpelata has achieved with his team over the years. “In the daily business of MotoGP, things are going to level the highest according to Dorna’s experience.”

Pit Beirer also sees the role of boss Ezpeleta as excellent: “It’s amazing, Carmelo Ezpeleta is a leader with a good vision for the game and, above all, he is at the center of the game. He cares. Ezepeleta is everywhere in every GP he personally sits on the commission of security every Friday. Functionally, Dorna is in a very good position, they have created something great and with the help of the new design it will be possible to present this step even better.”

Even if there is still a long way to go before the final implementation of the stock takeover, including all legal events, the participation of Formula 1 suppliers in the world of MotoGP takes place with full approval from Mattighofen.