POL-OF: Suspected bicycle thieves are temporarily arrested;  Alleged threat of…

POL-OF: Suspected bicycle thieves are temporarily arrested; Alleged threat of…

Police Headquarters South East Hesse – Offenbach


Offenbach area

1. Look for witnesses: The police are investigating because of endangering the traffic on the road – Mühlheim

(fg) During a traffic control stop on Offenbacher Strasse (Bundesstrasse 43) on Tuesday evening, police officers confiscated the driver’s license of a 72-year-old Hyundai driver. Patrol officers, who were present in the area of ​​house numbers 10 around 11:55 pm as part of a traffic check, they had seen him before because he was driving on the state road against that one. – the street there. Due to the moderate amount of traffic and the width of the road, it was possible to block oncoming vehicles. At the checkpoint, the officers intended to stop the Hyundai with proper stop signs. However, it seems that the 72-year-old man did not see that and initially continued his journey before stopping his car due to the intervention of a patrol officer. Since the driver gave the impression that he could not drive his car safely on the road, his driving license and car keys were confiscated. Due to the driver’s behavior, the police are now investigating suspicions of endangering the traffic on the road. Police are now looking for road users who had to avoid the Hyundai and were probably in danger as a result; they are asked to call the police station in Mühlheim on 06108 60000.

2. Suspected bicycle thieves temporarily arrested – Dreieich/Buchschlag

(fg) Police officers temporarily arrested two suspected bike thieves in Buchschlag on Tuesday afternoon based on a tip from witnesses. At 2:15 p.m., the witness reported to the police and said that two people had taken a mountain bike with a bicycle lock from the bike racks at the Buchschlag train station and taken them away. The patrol left immediately and briefly arrested the two suspects in a nearby area. Apparently they had tried to open the mountain bike lock with a crowbar, but to no avail. The two had to go to the station. The two are now each facing criminal charges for the alleged robbery.

3. Theft stole cigarettes from a warehouse – Seligenstadt/Klein-Welzheim

(aa) A thief of about 45 years of age entered the warehouse of a consumer market on Dieselstrasse on Tuesday afternoon and stole a number of packs of cigarettes. The criminal, dressed in black, took a grocery box around 3:45 pm and filled it with cigarettes. An employee saw the man leave the hall through the back door. The East Region Investigation Group has taken the clarification of the case. The Seligenstadt police station can be contacted on 06182 8930-0 for further information.

Main area-Kinzig

1. Suspected threat with firearms – police station bus – Bruchköbel / Hanau

(cl) Police officers arrested a young boy on a bus Wednesday afternoon after a gunshot threat was reported around 12:50 p.m. According to preliminary findings, the man from Hanau had an argument with a 15-year-old boy after getting on the bus, hit him and held a gun in his hand. Police officers who ran to stop the bus in Hanau, which was full of passengers, took the young man. The weapon found was an airsoft pistol. The child was handed over to his parents.

2. Who saw the accident on L 3347? – I despised

(aa) After the accident that happened on Saturday night on Landesstraße 3347, where the Renault was left on the side of the road, the police are asking: Who saw the accident? When was the white Megane off the road? Who can describe the driver? According to preliminary results, the Renault was traveling towards Nidderau Ostheim when the driver left the road on the right for unknown reasons and damaged the delineator pole. The car, which was reported to the police shortly after 2am, sustained around 7,000 euros worth of damage. There were no people at the scene of the accident. Witnesses are asked to call Hanau II police station on 06181 9010-0.

3. Thieves stole tools – Rodenbach/Niederrodenbach

jm Between Monday afternoon, around 5:00 p.m. and Tuesday morning, before 8:00 a.m., the parties entered the fenced construction site and opened an outdoor container and two construction site containers. A detailed list of trophies is still being prepared. The value is estimated at several thousand euros. The police are asking for information on the number 06181 9010-0.

4. A person seriously injured after an accident on country road 3445 – Langenselbold

(cl) A 22-year-old Toyota driver suffered serious injuries after a traffic accident on Tuesday morning. Around 11:20 am, a 22-year-old man drove on country road 3445 from Langenselbold towards Erlensee. According to preliminary results, Langenselbolder went off the road to the right at a slight left-hand bend for reasons still unknown, rolled and came to rest on a willow fence on the roof. He had to be taken to hospital by rescue helicopter with serious injuries. There was significant material damage to the Toyota and the pasture fence, which officials estimate at around 21,000 euros. Witnesses are asked to contact the Hanau II police station on 06181 9010-0.

5. A car cracker stole a tool box – witnesses wanted – Ronneburg

(aa) From Monday (5.30 pm) to Tuesday (7.15 am) a thief broke the driver’s door window of a Renault parked at number 3 in Ulmenweg. The criminal grabbed a case containing measuring equipment worth about 1,500 euros from a white tobacconist. Criminal police are appealing for information on 06181 100-123.

6. Greater response to traffic control – the police again ensure safety in front of the school – Gelnhausen, according to the instructions of the citizens.

(jm) The Gelnhausen police station had a strong response after a speed check on the Monday before yesterday (we reported) in front of the Philipp-Reis-Strasse school. “After the information in the media about our control, we received many positive comments from the public,” said the deputy head of the Gelnhausen police station, chief police inspector Michael Betz, adding: “This is also an indication that, especially. during the afternoon hours, keep all drivers within the speed limit.” On Tuesday afternoon, the officers again checked the traffic in front of the school for 75 minutes using laser measuring devices. Law enforcement officers inspected 68 vehicles. The police again punished more than 30 administrative offenses, including speeding and seat belt violations. The road user is also accused of driving without a valid driver’s license. Betz concluded: “Traffic safety is an important issue, so as previously announced, we will continue to focus on the safety of school children and teachers.” Officers at the Gelnhausen police station will continue to monitor traffic in the service area in the coming days.

Offenbach, January 25, 2023, press office, Christopher Leidner

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