Polestar’s flagship electric cars will finally arrive in France

Polestar’s flagship electric cars will finally arrive in France

Seven years after its creation, the Polestar electric car brand should finally be sold in France. The Sino-Swedish company may arrive on our market by next year (2025), with a full range of electric vehicles ready.

Polestar 2

In recent years, many new brands have arrived on the French market, mainly from China. We are thinking, for example, of MG or even BYD, which has become the world number 1 in electric cars, even if its status remains weak.

Coming soon

On the other hand, there is a manufacturer that is still waiting for us. This is Polestar, which is part of the Chinese Geely group (Volvo, Lotus, Zeekr, etc.). And for good reason, the young brand, which became independent from Volvo in 2017, like Cupra and Seat or DS and Citroën, is not sold in France. But what is the reason? Actually, this is very simple. As a reminder, since 2020 the manufacturer located in Gothenburg, Sweden had ease ban on selling his cars in our market.

Because? Legal conflict with the chevron brand, related to a logo that the French company considered very close to its own. He later took legal action, which ruled in his favor and forced Polestar off our site. But since then, two rivals have buried the hatchet, and the high-end manufacturer now has the right to offer its cars to French customers. According to a Citroen spokesperson ” the complaint was withdrawn. Case closed«.

Polestar 4 // Source : Polestar

Although the Swedish company does not yet have a French website, it is nevertheless possible to access other countries without the need for a VPN, which was not the case until now. But when will Polestar sell its cars here? Well journalists of the site Challenge finally get an answer. And we won’t have to wait too long to see the manufacturer’s cars get here, because they will launched next year, 2025. On the other hand, we don’t know if it will be more at the beginning or the end of the year.

Good news for interested customers, who need it now import their car from Belgium or the Netherlands, among others. However, Volvo dealers can support and manufacture these, because they share their platform and technology with the cars of the Swedish parent company.

Full range

But what explains the long delay between the end of the legal process and the arrival of Polestar in France? In fact, the reason may be simple. A source close to the issue explains that “ Polestar is a premium brand. It was not important tolaunch with one style, which is also aging. To generate interest, you need new mainstream products“. Therefore, there was no question of launching one car, and the company preferred to wait until it had several cars to offer.

Customers will therefore have a choice and will be able to choose the Polestar 2, which should benefit from a redesign, an electric sedan competing with the Tesla Model 3 or BYD Han, but also with the Polestar 3. The latter takes the form ofA large SUV which is based on the platform of the new Volvo EX90. Polestar 4 will also be offered, although it has started its sale in some countries, from 63,200 euros. The latter competes mainly with the cheaper Tesla Model Y.

In 2025, the Polestar 5 sedan will also arrive in France, as it wereconvertible which will be called Polestar 6. Based on the 02 concept, the latter will be officially launched in 2026. It is also said thatthe new generation Polestar 2, produced since 2020 will also be in preparation. It remains to be seen if other models will be launched a little later, to further expand the range to better compete with Tesla and BYD.

The article also tells us that “ The arrival in France will take place in 2025, through special sales centers in the city, while repairs will be carried out in Volvo network workshops. A jockey service will also be provided to customers for maintenance, as well as rental contracts.«.

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