Police activities – “Motorcycle rider” – Current information

Police activities – “Motorcycle rider” – Current information

Police Action – “Motorcycle Rider”

Publication date May 26, 2023

Yesterday, from the early hours of the morning, police officers of the KPP Road Traffic Department in Głogów carried out named control and prevention operations. “Motorcyclist”. Cycle activities are aimed at improving road safety. It should be noted that motorcyclists belong to the group of road users who, in the event of an accident, are particularly affected by the negative consequences of these events.

Motorcyclists belong to the group of unprotected road users. Two-wheelers, including motorcyclists, are not protected by the body of the car, seat belts or airbags. This group of participants is at risk of serious injury when they are involved in road accidents.

The main goal of the activity “Motocyclist” is concern for the safety of road users. The roundabout is aimed at reducing the number of road accidents involving motorcyclists.

The most common causes of road accidents caused by motorcyclists are not adjusting speed according to traffic conditions, passing in the wrong lane and failing to keep a safe distance between vehicles. Therefore, during their operations, officers focused on motorcyclists who violated the rules, especially regarding:
• speed limits,
• proper navigation,
• behavior for pedestrians,
• have the necessary permissions,
• observe road signs and signals,
• use of protective helmets,
• transport passengers in accordance with regulations,

In the operation, the police stopped 52 vehicles for road inspections. One of the motorcyclists who were restricted in the built-up area showed great irresponsibility and, with a speed limit of 50 km/h, was driving up to 122 km/h. For the offense committed, the police imposed a fine of PLN 2,500 on the 26-year-old, and his account was marked with 15 penalty points. In addition, the uniforms electronically suspended his driver’s license for 3 months.

During the next road check, the officers detained a 40-year-old man who was driving a Suzuki motorcycle. That person, as it turned out, did not have the necessary permissions. The case of this motorcyclist will end up in court.

We call on all drivers to follow traffic rules and be careful.

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