Police arrested Pagani Codalunga worth 7 million

Police arrested Pagani Codalunga worth 7 million

Every profession has its little triumphs. If you’re in sales (and definitely not an NPC), brag at home about a good deal. If you are a carpenter, you like to show off pictures of your custom cabinets. And we guess these officials secretly think this is a good story to share at home: in Switzerland the police confiscated a Pagani Huayra Codalunga worth 7 million euros.

Only five copies of the Codalunga were made, so they are rare to find on the police. We have the impression that this Codalunga is still owned by Pagani itself, as we often see this copy with a yellow Pirelli sticker in videos from YouTubers and in photos from other automotive media. There are even rumors that the car belongs to Mr. Horacio Pagani himself.

The uploader of the video says in the comments that he suspects the lack of a (very visible) license plate on the nose was the reason for the arrest, but he didn’t stay with the police long enough to know. Another user in the video suspects that the car is on summer tires, and that winter tires will be necessary in these cold conditions.

How fast is Codalunga?

Under the new hood is an improved 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 that produces 840 hp and 1,110 Nm of torque. The whole car weighs only 1,280 kg. Although no performance figures have been specified, it is suspected that this Pagani Huayra Codalunga sits in the part of the speed range where you scream involuntarily while accelerating.

There is no grille at the rear of the car, creating an ‘unobstructed view of the Codalunga exhaust system’. This exhaust system weighs only 4.4 kg due to its titanium construction. Like previous Le Mans cars, the exhaust gets a ceramic coating. In case you’re wondering what Codalunga means: long tail in Italian. All five copies have already been sold.