Preview and schedule: Grand Prix of Trentino / Motocross World Championship MXGP

Preview and schedule: Grand Prix of Trentino / Motocross World Championship MXGP

The Motocross World Championship takes place next weekend in front of the dream scenery of the Dolomites in Pietramurata for the Grand Prix of Trentino, the 4th round of the Motocross World Championship 2024 Can Tim Gajser end Prado’s winning streak?

The weather forecast for next weekend in the Dolomites Islands is fantastic with temperatures just above 20 degrees Celsius with sunshine and only light clouds.

League Leaders Jorge After his victory in Sardinia, Prado (GASGAS) increased his lead in the table from 10 to 17 points over Tim. Geyser (Honda) expand. The defending champions will win this year, with Red Bull KTM Factory driver Jeffrey Herlings after a training fall and bruised ribs Riola Sardinian in A stone wall he will compete with the lame.

This may be the case in Slovenia HRC factory driver Tim Geyser play within the cards that the competition is for Trentino it’s almost like his home run. Like every year, many of his Slovenian fans are expected to come to northern Italy again this year travel latersupport him loudly along the way. After Jorge Prado all this year Grand Prix Maybe Tim can win Geyser Be the first to end the winning streak of the defending champions of Spain.

MXGP World Cup standings after World Cup stage 3 of 20:

1. Jorge Prado (E), GASGAS, 174 points
2. Tim Geyser (SLO), Honda, 157, (-17)
3. Jeffrey Herlings (NL), KTM125, (-49)
4. Roman February (F), Kawasaki, 123, (-51)
5. Paul Jonas (LT), Honda, 113, (-61)
6. Jeremy The seer (CH), Kawasaki, 99, (-75)
7. Calvin Flanders (NL), Yamaha90, (-84)
8. Glenn Coldenhoff (NL), Strange83, (-91)
9. Kevin Horgmo (N), Honda, 64, (-110)
10. Maxime Renaux (F), Yamaha63, (-111)
11. Valentine Guillod (CH), Honda, 60, (-114)

16. Tom Koch (D), KTM, KTM30, (-144)
17. Brian Bogers (NL), Strange26, (-148)
18. Maximilian Detectives (D), KTM22, (-152)

22. Kevin Brumann (CH), Husqvarna7, (-167)

Also in MX2-WM we have this year Husqvarna– Work driver Kay de Wolf so far is only one Grand Prix victoryit is appear. The Dutchman was able to do that with his third wife Grand Prix victory as a result of his leadership Riola Sardinian from 12 to 27 points compared to German GASGAS works driver Simon Längenfelder. After the new Triumph factory motorcycles hit the podium in Argentina and Spain, wait on the loose ground A stone wall the next test for the British Newcomit is.

MX2 World Cup standings after round 3 of 20:

1. Kay de Wolf (NL), Husqvarna170 points
2. Simon Längenfelder (D), GASGAS, 141, (-29)
3. Lucas Cohen (B), Husqvarna124, (-46)
4. Thibault They are in good health (F), Yamaha106, (-64)
5. Andrew Adamo (me), KTM100 (-41)
6. Michael Hair up (Dr), Victory, 96, (-74)
7. Camden McLellan (FOR), Victory, 95, (-75)
8. Marc-Antoine Rossi (I), GASGAS, 80, (-90)
9. Rick Elzinga (NL), Yamaha78 (-92)
10. Sacha Cohen (B), KTM77, (-93)

The supporting program includes the second rounds of EMX250 and EMX125 European championship classes were held. After the opening of the season of EMX250 in Spain, Italian Valerio Lata (GASGAS) led. Inside of EMX125 it’s Hungarian Strange– Pilot Christmas Zanocz after his victory Riola Sardinian Championship leader.

Here’s how the race can be followed:

Live time (free of charge)
Live stream

Saturday, April 13, 2024

12:00 – Studio show with Paul Property

14:50 – EMX125 Run 1
15:50 – EMX250 Race 1

16:25 – MX2 Qualifying race
17:15 – MXGP Qualifying race

Sunday, April 14, 2024

09:40 – EMX125 Run 2
11:25 – EMX250 runs 2

13:00 – MX2 Run 1
14:00 MXGP Run 1
16:00 MX2 Run 2
17:00 MXGP Run 2