Putin and Zelenskyj should drink beer

Putin and Zelenskyj should drink beer

Russian duo “Vovan and Lexus” have on stage Fertilize us released another prank video with a celebrity. This time it hit the American director and writer David Lynch. The 76-year-old filmmaker thought he was on the phone with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In fact, however, he spoke to a controversial “comedy couple” around the Kremlin.

“Focus on peace to end war,” Lynch said during the video call. “Vovan and Lexus”, who play the President of Ukraine, ask their interlocutor if he should call Vladimir Putin directly. “Yeah, call him directly,” Lynch suggests, and “make dinner with him.”


This is where David Lynch is deceived

Fake Zelenskyj then asked the star director if he “must have a glass of beer with Putin”. Lynch smiles at first and agrees: “Yeah, you have to have a beer with him. Even have a few glasses of beer.” In Lynch’s final statement, published on the Russian YouTube network, he advocates “the end of all events, by any means available”.

The two Russians have been known for years to trick high-level politicians and other international celebrities with fake phone calls. In recent months, two trolls, celebrated by state media and the Russian leadership, have misled several European mayors and other prominent figures.

Russian comedians Vladimir

Yuri Kochetkov/EPA/dpa

Russian comedians Vladimir “Vovan” Krasnov (left) and Alexej “Lexus” Stolyarov

These include former US President George Bush Jr., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and authors JK Rowling and Stephen King. The mayors of Warsaw, Vienna and Madrid were also deceived by “Vovan and Lexus”.