Rebirth: AC Cobra GT Roadster (2023)

Rebirth: AC Cobra GT Roadster (2023)

When you think of the Cobra, you may immediately think of Shelby’s American interpretation, with bright blue, white graphics. to be beaten and a loud V8 growl. But the Cobra began its career in 1962 as a continuation of the AC Ace, a two-seater British roadster. Carroll Shelby asked if the Brits from AC Cars could also build him a version with the American V8 space for racing. The rest is history.

Increased dimensions

It’s the same AC Cars – or at least the current owner of the trademark rights – that is now selling the Cobra again. Not like a copy, not like a series of sequels, but as a modern interpretation that shares no components with the 1960s original. So the Cobra GT Roadster starts from a completely new chassis, an aluminum airframe, and wraps a carbon fiber body over it. With a wheelbase of 2.57 meters and an overall length of 4.23 meters, this Cobra GT Roadster is also slightly larger than the previous one.

The increased dimensions, along with a lower center of gravity and a stronger chassis, should ensure that the AC Cobra GT Roadster not only drives more stable and sharper, but is also safer and more comfortable. You should also be able to travel with it longer distances with more ease than the original, the assurance of AC Cars, which includes electric windows, air conditioning and infotainment and navigation as standard.

Ford Mustang

The weight must however remain below the 1,500 kg limit. Under the hood, AC Cars keeps the historical link with Ford alive: it has a 5.0-liter V8 with 663 hp and 780 Nm, which can be connected to a six-speed manual box or a ten-speed automatic transmission. The sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) takes 3.4 seconds. gurgling decibels? They seem to have insurance again. Unique too, because with a starting price of £285,000 this AC Cobra GT Roadster is out of our portfolio…