Results of Formula E. 1 E-Prix Misano 2024: the victory of Antonio Felix Da Costa and Porsche – Electric

Results of Formula E. 1 E-Prix Misano 2024: the victory of Antonio Felix Da Costa and Porsche – Electric

Antonio Felix Da Costa wins race 1 of the 2024 Misano E-Prix Porsche driver reaches podium with Rowland and Dennis

April 13, 2024

Lo doubts about the Italian event being moved from Rome to Misano for security reasons were definitely put to rest by the results of Race 1. For System E run on a a permanent song with long stretches and fast corners it meant setting aside its built community DNA, as well as the use of electricity, for city cables; but the streets of the Capitoline were too small to accommodate the seats of the GEN3, already in their second season on the track. There energy management he did not put aside the fighting desire of drivers and teams. There was countless overtakingthe many emotions that this complete electric unit can give to the Italian fans, who flocked in large numbers to the first edition of the Misano E-Prix of Season 10.

NThere is no doubt that We are 1 it would not be possible. There is no log data on the track as Misanobut above all in a category like Formula E that has always stood out, not only for its sustainability, but above all for the high number of passes that have nothing to do with Formula 1. Mitch Evans maintained his lead at the start carry back Jean Eric Vergne e Pascal Wehrleinquickly pass Nick Cassidy in a surprising return. To maintain the lead, the crucial moment proved to be the main breaking point. Buemi, Cassidy, Gunther, Vergne and Da Costa led the group in turns, also take advantage of the Attack Path so as not to lose ground later and then enter the second position. In the first laps the Italian-Swiss driver, Edoardo Mortaraof Mahindra was forced givewithout affecting the progress of the race.

Svery similar course, but delayed towards the end of the race, however Nick Cassidy, pushed against the Vergne barrier coming off the Curvone converted into a chicane to meet the requirements for single-seater electric seats. The New Zealander was forced to play as a damaged forward winger. The Jaguar team preferred to put the driver on the track to gather as much data as possible to better plan tomorrow’s appointment. A result that Cassisy would not like, deepening his opinion of Misano’s song, certainly far from his ideal type of song, the first city, as Rome was. Cassidy and Mortara were also added to keep the company Pascal Wehrlein after communicating with Vergne on the passage of the Sun. With the wing damaged and replaced by world leader Porsche, the solo race began with Cassidy.

VDuring the tenth lap, they also joined and fought for the lead Vandoorne, Bird and Rowland, competing at the head of the race. However, the McLaren driver had to say goodbye to his dreams of glory for one slow drilling the left rear which forced him to stop in the pits. After being pinched, the Woking team opted to retire the car with one lap to go. The final stages saw a test of strength Da Costa, Vergne and Rowlandfollowed by two pilots Andretti and from Maserati Gunther. The Nissan driver tried to take the lead, but the Portuguese’s Porsche’s extra battery kept him from escaping. Antonio Felix Da Costa thus got his first win of Season 10 extending the awareness of six different operators to the top stage of the platform. Second place for Rowland who takes the fastest run of Race 1 and third for Jake Dennis, the main character of the mysterious return. Also scoring points were Gunther, Ticktum, Evans and Vergne (closed by 5 seconds by the FIA), Nato, Vandoorne and Fenestraz.

Cand second place today, Rowland also leads the championship with five points ahead of Dennis and 10 over Wehrlein, who was fired. Jaguar confirms its good performance, reaching 111 points but Porsche, thanks to Da Costa’s victory, is only 3 points behind., also to take the leadership of the constructors’ cup, which was previously taken by the English team. Today’s race will enable the teams to manage tomorrow’s action starting at 3pm, with more data in hand, before traveling to Monte Carlo for the eighth round of Season 10 and where the GEN3 2.0 single seater will be officially introduced. .