Roan van de Moosdijk: Failure in HRC-Debut / Motocross-WM MXGP

Roan van de Moosdijk: Failure in HRC-Debut / Motocross-WM MXGP

Roan van de Moosdijk’s debut in MXGP as a factory HRC rider was disappointing and there was no shortage of attempts to explain things afterwards. Now the Dutchman has a lot of pressure and he has to feed Trentino.

After his shocking separation from Fantic-Werksteam and his team boss Louis Caregivers Hope Roan van de Moosdijkthat he and his HRC– Contract he hit the jackpot as a driver in place of the injured Ruben Fernandez and got off to a fast start.

But the great revolution did not happen. The Dutchman struggled to enter Riola Sardinian after P16 me Race for Excellence in both races unsuccessfully in the middle of the field and abandoned both races after half the distance. There was no shortage of explanations afterwards: too little preparation time, not a good preseason, too hot, too young, too… It sounded as if all the other drivers had it easier than him.

“The conditions were very difficult,” explained the 23-year-old after the race. “I had a feeling that it would be better to start the World Cup on another date. I didn’t want to go over the limit here and take a risk. I’m definitely not happy about it. I’ll have a few more in the next few days Sessions on the bike to feel more comfortable and fit. I hope to be there by next week Trentino it will improve,” explained the Dutchman.

Interesting side note: Brian Bogers, who took over from Louis on short notice Caregivers from hibernation to Fantic-Werksteam as a replacement for soldier van de Moosdijk was brought, he finished his first Amazing use in Riola on the overall ranking 9!

Of Moosdijk and HRC to prove it next time Grand Prix in Arco Everything will be better and then the results will come that you expect HRC-Factory driver is expected. The Dutchman is in trouble after his first match was ruined Riola under intense pressure. In the event of another fiasco, Fantic wouldHRC-The move will quickly prove to be a boomerang for him.