Rome, Ayrton Senna’s McLaren on display in Piazza Navona.  Exhibition to commemorate the death of the F.1 champion

Rome, Ayrton Senna’s McLaren on display in Piazza Navona. Exhibition to commemorate the death of the F.1 champion

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The MP4/4 that the driver became world champion in 1988 can be seen up close on Thursday and Friday until 6pm in the courtyard of the Brazilian embassy. Review of the thirtieth anniversary of his death

His sad picture – even disappointed, given that his best friend photographer Angelo Orsi’s picture shows him after the 1989 disqualification that caused him to miss the second World Cup – on the walls of the Brazilian embassy in Piazza Navona. In the courtyard, however, his McLaren Mp4/4 which he became world champion of Formula One for the first time in 1988. Two more followed in 1990 and 1991. A memorial to Ayrton Senna also in Rome, in the thirtieth anniversary of his death. in an accident during the San Marino Grand Prix at the Imola circuit, on May 1, 1994 when he drove a Williams car and already had contact with Ferrari to move to Maranello. The crowd at the entrance of the diplomatic headquarters of Brazil to take a close look at one of the British seats, which will remain on display until Friday afternoon at 6 pm Then it will be transferred to Turin where from 24 April to 10 October it will be one of the cars of the main character of “Senna forever”, an event organized at the National Automobile Museum in memory of the driver.

Brazilian Ambassador: “Always in our hearts”

“Today we remember Senna not only for his sporting achievements and his dedication to motor racing – emphasizes the ambassador of Brazil in Italy Renato Mosca – but also his concern for others, giving everyone a chance to succeed in their activities. After his death only when we discovered the commitment and contribution that Senna had put into charitable projects for the education of Brazilian children. He knew how to share his thoughts about sports and doing something for the world. He was not only an amazing pilot but also an amazing person. We will always be and in our hearts, even after 30 years, an example for new generations.” For Benedetto Camerana, director of the National Automobile Museum, “we wanted to analyze Senna’s complex face in a more detailed way, to give it humanity and culture, so much so. Skira kept the official list of exhibits. His passing launched him in the direction of a great star, in every sense, including that of anthropology, among the most important figures of the last century. The event will certainly have a return not only among Formula One fans and this is also due to the director Mariella Mengozzi, who passed away in 2023 who had the idea of ​​an important celebration for the 30th anniversary of Senna’s death”.

Curator Cavicchi: “Ayrton would be happy”

“We started with the intention of doing something more and better than the celebrations and memories of the past. Also because this year we knew that we are not the only ones who remember the 30th anniversary of Senna’s death. I think Ayrton, who I had the honor to know well and closely , he would be happy too because he was very careful in his work, when we tried to have this exhibition.” This is explained by the curator of the event Carlo Cavicchi, journalist and author, former director of Autosprint when Senna was an idol on the track. “In the exhibition space of the future of 1,500 square meters, and a game of glass and metal, we have prepared 20 cards of Senna’s personal life, on the walls in his deep expressions. Not only all the cars he drove on the track, from karts to Formula One, but also all the suits, all the helmets, every detail from around the world. It was not easy – says Cavicchi -, but thanks also to the museum staff we did it. Senna’s story is like that of the moon landing, of the Twin Towers: everyone knows what they were doing the day he died in Imola”. On display will be 253 objects related to the experiment but also 114 photographs taken by leading Italian and foreign experts. “He was a perfectionist, as I hope we were. I know we did something that would go well with him”, concludes Cavicchi.

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April 11, 2024