Silverstone Friday Analysis: Success for Mercedes?

Silverstone Friday Analysis: Success for Mercedes?

8:50 pm

Friday in the analysis

That’s all for today, but there is more to come for you! As announced, Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll are now directly reporting on their extensive analysis. on the YouTube channel

The following topics are on the agenda:

– Mercedes: Is this a success?
– McLaren: Why was only one so fast?
– Ferrari against Red Bull
– Results at a glance
– Long-term analysis by Kevin Hermann
– Nine out of ten teams bring updates to Silverstone
– Short and Short: More information from System 1
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Tomorrow we will bring you a new version of tick. Here is a quick summary of the most important moments of Saturday:

10:30 am: PK of team bosses
1:00 pm: FT3
4:00 pm: Qualification

Have fun with our direct analysis and see you then!

8:32 pm

Leclerc: It will be competitive!

We have already talked about the fact that his fifth position was certainly not representative. He himself reports: “FT2 was much cleaner [als FT1] and in the car our performance felt good. “So he doesn’t give much on the clock.

“I am confident we will be competitive. It will just bring everything together,” said Leclerc, who also does not want to refuse rain tomorrow.

And then the cards would be completely replaced.

8:24 pm

Sanz: “Generally we were fast, but …”

Of course, we also want to hear what the fastest person of the day has to say. “It was a very challenging session. The wind made it difficult to find the right balance,” said the Spaniard.

“Overall we were quick, but I have a feeling that there is still room for improvement,” he summarizes and explains: “Qualifying can be exciting tomorrow because of the weather.”

And in one way or another, it can be considered that Verstappen, Leclerc and Co. will greatly improve tomorrow!

8:15 pm

Bottas still sees an opportunity to improve

The highlight of the day for Alfa Romeo was undoubtedly the best Bottas moment in FT1. Unfortunately, this was not worth it at all because of the rain. In the afternoon he finished P11 in a dry place, his colleague Zhou was 15th.

“It wasn’t a bad day,” said Bottas, who also admits that FT1 was “not useful”. “But we were able to do a lot of rotation in FT2. […] It is clear that the midfield is very difficult again. “

“A few tenths or more can make a difference in a number of areas,” he recalls, noting that there is still room for improvement in terms of vehicle equity, “especially at fast angles.”

“But I believe we can move forward,” Bottas said. So the goal should be to move to Q3 tomorrow.

8:07 pm

Williams on the pillars throughout the frame series

That’s also an amazing statistic: Zak O’Sullivan, Logan Sargeant and Jamie Chadwick have all won the pillars today in Form 3, Form 2 and Series W. identical? All three are part of Williams College!

So we have to take a closer look at what Albon and Latifi are doing tomorrow 😉

7:53 pm

Schumacher expects rain on Saturday

P19 today just for him and teammate Magnussen did not pass P17 either. So, on paper, it is not a good day for Haas. Schumacher reports: “We learned a lot and tried some interesting instructions from the configuration.”

“Now we know what we need to change. On the other hand, tomorrow there will be rain, which should benefit us,” said the German, who reveals: “I think on my thigh I could manage three-tenths of a second.”

That would have given him a few chances in the tight midfield. “Then the world will look completely different. The speed is still in the car,” he is sure. A little rain would not rain tomorrow …

7:44 pm

Damage to Albon as well

In addition to several other pilots, Albon was also captured today. He suffered damage to the back of his car as he passed a curb. As a reminder, he is the only one with updates at Williams this weekend.

As a result, Albon missed a long run at the end. However, he reports that the modified car is certainly a “step forward”. “So that’s fine,” Albon said. Now you have to go to a good fix.

“But we have a good foundation,” he is sure. He finished P14 on the hourly tables today. His colleague Latifi was second only to the old package and finished last.

7:37 pm

direct stream

Don’t forget: Kevin Scheuren and Christian Nimmervoll will be in touch at 9:00 pm directly on the YouTube channel and their analysis on Friday. The following topics are currently scheduled:

– Mercedes: Is this a success?
– McLaren: Why was only one so fast?
– Ferrari against Red Bull
– Results at a glance
– Long-term analysis by Kevin Hermann
– Nine out of ten teams bring updates to Silverstone
– Short and Short: More information from System 1
– Questions from channel members from live chat

7:31 pm

special hats

We previously reported on Vettel’s special hat this weekend – which unfortunately got stuck in customs. At least now we know what he looks like!

This time his metal hat is a tribute to Nigel Mansell, who became a world champion 30 years ago and also won at Silverstone. As usual very successful!

7:21 pm

AlphaTauri follows

P18 and P16 for Gasly and Ts generations only today. The Frenchman reports: “We had a very bad session.” To make matters worse, the car was also damaged. But that alone is not the reason for the bad results.

“Looks like we don’t have much speed,” he shocks and explains: “[Silverstone] exposes our weaknesses because there are these very long 180-degree bows. “And AlphaTauri doesn’t like it at all.

“We’ll have to see if we can find a solution tomorrow,” he recounts. Otherwise it could be complicated from Q1 …

7:13 pm

Russell still has question marks

We will only be connected to Mercedes. “I’m not sure,” recalls Russell after P2, where he was 0.7s slower than Hamilton. “I had a lot more problems with Lewis and a little fat. He had a very strong thigh,” he admits.

After all, it went better with more fuel in the tank. “By the time the tires reached the temperature, we were faster than the Ferrari,” he says hopefully, explaining that there are “positive signs” – but there is still room for improvement.

“We have to understand why our race speed is stronger than our qualifying speed,” he claims and explains: “We can’t get tires to work on the thigh.”

7:05 pm

Hamilton: He made “little progress” again

“It was a good day”, concludes the record holder after P2. However, he also insists: “Our long run is not as good as the others. But it is not a mile away either.” In general, “minor improvements” have been made again.

Basically, he was happy today – despite the bouncing. “It’s a great song,” he says. It is true that you cannot drive a new car the way you used to. But Silverstone is still “epic,” Hamilton said.

And then there are the benefits of home. “They give me hope,” he says of British fans, promising them: “We will work as hard as we can.” Let’s see if that will pay off.

6:56 pm

Verstappen is not worried despite P4

Sainz, Hamilton and Norris were faster today, but the Dutchman is much more relaxed. “Maybe it wasn’t the best, but it’s also not a big deal,” he said after FT1 crashed completely today.

“We know what we have to work on. We will try to do it immediately,” he announces. All in all, it wasn’t “too bad” today. In fact, he was only 0.2 seconds from the top in P4.

Regarding the comments that Ferrari seems to have quickly, he easily responds: “They always do. They are fast every weekend, so it’s not surprising.”

No one who really cares sounds like that.

6:48 pm

Most important thing for Friday …

… we have summarized them again today in a separate series of pictures for you. It is perfect, for example, for everyone who joins us after work!

6:43 pm

Perez: Very different from the simulator

“It was not a good session today,” the Mexican reports, explaining: “The car was miles away from our preparation in the simulator.” First you need to know what is going on.

In any case, they are now “on the back foot”, says Perez, who believes it will be “very difficult” to recover from a contaminated Friday. But it is possible, it has already been confirmed.

“If I restore my faith then it will be all right,” said Perez. You already have a guess what went wrong today. However, he does not want to go into detail.