Skoda Kodiaq test, technical data sheet, reviews and specifications 2.0 TDI 150 HP Selection DSG

Skoda Kodiaq test, technical data sheet, reviews and specifications 2.0 TDI 150 HP Selection DSG

Also hybrid (petrol)

The second generation of Skoda Kodiaq grow inside height 6 cm, reaching height 476 centimetersand suggests, to improve them, the power of the car changes: lots of space, refined finishes and many practical solutions that make life on board more pleasant, such as easy-to-use hooks, holders and controls. The engines are the latest, but smaller, Volkswagen Tiguan (WHO first contact), and a gearbox with a dual-clutch robot as standard for all. As for enginethere are 1.5 light petrol engines with 150 HP (price from 40,700 euros) and 2.0 diesel of the same power (which cost 4,200 euros more, instead of 2,650 for the recently retired car). “Two thousand” is also available with 193 HP, with all-wheel drive: it starts from € 49,400. The car considering the evolution of the previous mechanics Skoda Kodiaq, the advertised performances are practically identical. Only 1.5 stands: thanks to the addition of hybrid system on the four-cylinder engine, according to the company, the average consumption has decreased by about 15%. A new 1.5 plug-in with 204 HP will arrive later, which promises more than 100 kilometers on a single charge.

All with accessories

Three versions of Skoda Kodiaq. base” Selection which we drove in the 150 HP 2.0 TDI version is already well equipped (semi-autonomous driving and three-zone climate are also standard), but for only 600 euros it is better to upgrade to Executive: it has a rich multimedia system with a 13-inch display and navigation, metallic paint and, if requested at no extra charge, two retractable seats in the third row (seven seats). There Style, which requires another 2,550 euros, is very rich: it comes with LED matrix lights, a strip of light between the headlights and the grille with an illuminated horizontal line, an anti-theft alarm, a driver’s seat with electric adjustment and memory, keyless entry. , 19″ wheels and even a rear engine door. The latter is very important, as the big door is a little heavy to lift by hand; the accessory is also included in other versions, but you pay 1,160 euros (in the rich Convenience package). The offer will end after a few weeks Sports line which can be identified by the text and other black details on the bodywork.

Even more practical

Between them voluntarywe mention the loading floor of variable height (190 euros) and pacchetto Smart Family only. Offered from 600 euros, the latter include rear side airbags, removable automatic protection to prevent scratching the edges of the doors, computer holders for second-row passengers, rear roller shades, a retractable glove compartment release in the rear tunnel and two waste bins in the door pockets. It is also important Clever Cargo Package only for the trunk (180 euros): includes two separators on the double bottom, multiple hooks for additional bags on the trunk, double bottom (with one washable side) and a set of cargo nets.

Parade ground

Indeed space inside of Skoda Kodiaq in fact it is a lot: on the sofa, even those who are taller than 190 cm have a lot of space for their legs and head (there is an extra centimeter and a half in length compared to the recently retired Kodiaq). The middle top, however, reduces the comfort for the feet of those in the middle of the sofa. I also practice Sofa, which slides for a good 18 cm and folds down to give access to the third row: as in all these cars, the centimeters are not many here, but it is still possible to carry two adults. Also of trunk It is big and by choosing seven seats you lose 70 liters (not that much).

It charges twice

The covers are in the fabric, also on the dashboard in front of the passenger and on the door panels; and i Choice of pacchetti design you get leather (€1,940) or eco-leather (€1,780). There is a lot of space, also due to the fact that the gear lever has been moved from the tunnel to the right of the steering wheel, leaving more space available. There are also two cooking plates rica wireless of mobile phones, moreover enough air to prevent overheating for mobile phones, and there are multiple USB sockets: the one near the center mirror is designed to power the dashcam.

Practical wheels

Unlike its “cousin” Tiguan, the Skoda Kodiaq it does not have the appropriate touch controls for the climate, which is three-zone: there are two practices “roller”, which connects the screens and (by pressing them) can manage the heating and ventilation of the seats. The third button, in the middle, lets you control up to four of your favorite functions, such as audio volume, map zoom, fan speed and drive mode.

Responsive screen

Also promoted steering wheel controls, which uses buttons and wheels that are beautiful to look at and easy to use. The controls for the driving aids are all on the touch screen (or on the dashboard, using the steering wheel buttons) and require at least a couple of steps to control them. The 13-inch display is responsive, clear and has intuitive menus. It’s a shame about the start button: placed in the steering column, it feels fake.

So much comfort

The Skoda Kodiaq The diesel-powered 2.0 is the one in version no 150 CV and front wheel drive. The comfort is wonderful: with the windows closed the noise the engine is barely audible, and grows only slightly under full acceleration. Aerodynamic noise is then reduced: on the road you can travel many kilometers in complete silence. The test car did not have the Performance package (€850 or €950 in 4x4s), which includes selectable driving modes, electronically controlled shock absorbers and adaptive steering. Already like this, however, the ride is relaxing and pleasant: the steering is not direct but accurate enough (also thanks to the 19″ tires, optional for 580 euros and now on the driven car) and the body roll is not annoying. Of course, rivals that offer rear-wheel steering have very different handling , especially when driving, but there is not much to complain about.