SsangYong W Chair – Asian luxury

SsangYong W Chair – Asian luxury

Unlike Kia or Hyundai, another Korean car manufacturer – SsangYong – is not very popular in our market. At least until now. However, while in the case of SsangYong SUVs, we can talk about problems, the SsangYong Chair W limousine is a car that we will not encounter at all. After all, this car is not released on our market, and you can forget about ordering it personally in this case.

At first glance, you can see that Korean designers were inspired by the appearance of Mercedes cars when developing the car. The similarity can be recognized by the shape of the headlights, the radiator grille and the logo placed on the hood in a characteristic way.

This is not the end of these borrowings, because the design of the dashboard is also similar to the Mercedes cockpit, and the adjustment of the electric seat using the buttons on the doors is almost the same as that of the Stuttgart limousine. This similarity is not surprising, because Koreans love cars with a star on the hood – it is the most popular imported car. Despite these similarities to Mercedes, the SsangYong W Chair retained its special character. However, I was able to find out about this after traveling on a Korean horse carriage.

It is richly decorated

The first feature that distinguishes the car from the competition build (read: European) is the unique design. The body is decorated with a lot of chrome, and the interior is decorated with the use of wood and leather upholstery. In addition, the suspension method is unique. It turns out to be very smooth, and therefore it is more associated with American cars. Such characteristics mean that there is almost no balance in which passengers can complain about the reduction of driving comfort. Although the air suspension allows you to change the sports suspension, after choosing it, the spring comfort still remains at a satisfactory level. Only in such an arrangement, the car body has a small tendency to rotate on the longitudinal ridges. This means that in Polish conditions, the order of the games can be better. For now, however, I’m testing on Korean roads and back to comfortable chassis settings.

Photo: Kamiński Tomasz / Auto Świat

Chairman of SsangYong

The car gives the impression that it is rolling on the road, and the silence in the interior gives us the impression that there is no engine working under the hood. Meanwhile, the tested sample has a 3.6-liter 6-cylinder gasoline unit with 250 HP. It may not be an attractive value for a luxury limousine, but it must be admitted that it is enough to increase the efficiency of the car.

The engine works with an automatic, 7-speed gearbox from … of course, from Mercedes. The transmission works well and changes gears quickly if necessary.

The SsangYong W Chair is offered with two 6-cylinder engines to choose from – with a capacity of 2.8 l, 200 hp or 3.2 l and 225 hp. The most luxurious variant is the V8 5000, which has a 5-liter V8 with 306 hp under the hood. When you drive the top version, you feel the advantage over the 6-cylinder versions. Not only because the car accelerates more efficiently. It is also thanks to the eight cylinders that allows you to enjoy the characteristic sound of this type of engine.

The two most powerful versions (250 and 306 horses) come in two body lengths.

Our opinion

The car is not offered in Poland and I am not surprised at all. Previously, Koreans tried to sell cars of this type to nsa, but they could not stand to compete with European or Japanese class cars. So what if it’s fun to drive, comfortable and equipped. In this class of cars, prestige is also important, and in this regard SsangYong, no matter how successful, has no place with recognized competition.