Steiner honest about Haas upgrade: ‘We’re inspired by Ferrari’

Steiner honest about Haas upgrade: ‘We’re inspired by Ferrari’

Haas comes with a big upgrade to the Hungarian Grand Prix. The update from the American racing team is evident, and it has already been noted that the VF-22 has many similarities with Ferrari’s F1-75. Günther Steiner is not surprised that Haas looked at the Scuderia car. Besides the fact that Haas uses Ferrari engines, the Italian race track has one of the best cars in the field.

Cars, Cars and Sports called the new white Haas Ferrari just after the French Grand Prix. “I’d say we’re very inspired by the car,” Steiner said F1 Max. The Haas team principal reveals that there are three concepts that each team is currently looking at. “Currently there are three different concepts in Formula 1, and they are those of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. We’re linked to Ferrari, so it’s no surprise that we looked at the car.’

“It all took time, because we first had to see how the car performed in the race,” continues the Italian. ‘After that you have to go into the wind tunnel and do the measurements. Of course you copy a few things, but you have to see what works and what doesn’t.’ Besides the fact that Haas runs Ferrari engines, there is another reason the team has looked to the Italian team. “They are the fastest with Red Bull. We are not as stupid,” laughs Steiner.

Haas wants to put both concepts aside

Haas’ basic concept has already given the team a number of points. However, the question is what the new concept can bring. ‘That is very difficult to say. I hope we can see in the data that the car is doing what it is supposed to do. We can keep the new car and the old car separately. If the data shows that we made the right choice, then we just need to find the right setting. That is the next step, because we have to use the lower power in the best possible way,” Steiner said.