Supposedly a Cupra, but it turned out to be a Volkswagen.  Tavascan in Chinese is ID.  UNYX

Supposedly a Cupra, but it turned out to be a Volkswagen. Tavascan in Chinese is ID. UNYX

The Chinese market often requires attractive tactics, but this is a new level. The car known in Poland as the Cupra Tavascan, closely related to the Volkswagen ID.5, debuts in China as… Volkswagen. What don’t you understand?

How to increase market penetration by offering the same car in a slightly different version? The answer is very simple – use a slightly different “base”. This time the starting point was the Cupra Tavascan, which after minor changes became the Volkswagen ID.UNYX. What is this example and what does it mean?

In China, Volkswagen still operates several joint ventures. This is the latest work

We’re talking about a group here Volkswagen-Anhui, which grew out of the converted Volkswagen-JAC joint venture. In 2021, the construction of a new factory in Anhui province began, where its latest creation – Volkswagen ID.UNYX – will be produced.

In order to create a “new” car that will not be another variant of the ID.5, this was used Cuprê Tavascan. The Spanish car was converted in the simplest possible way. The taillights have changed, the bumpers have been slightly redesigned and a large Volkswagen logo has been added to the front hood.

Of course, there are no pictures of the interior, but we can be sure that it is the same as the Tavascan. Besides, this would be the most reasonable thing – moving another cockpit will unnecessarily increase the costs of such a project.

And Volkswagen ID.UNYX is intended to strengthen the brand’s position in the market where Chinese products are beginning to succeed. Cupra Tavascan would be lost here

Gone are the days when the Chinese chose European brands for the idea of ​​driving a European car. Now their in-house products are so good that they often switch to other brands. And this is a big problem for well-known organizations that value the absorption market in China.

It is worth adding that the models we know, such as ID.3 or ID.4, cost very little there. This in turn has led to an increase in the number of people who want to import these cars in Europe. The problem is that they differ in software and, above all, in connections. And this makes using them on the Old Continent very difficult. Adapters are expensive, and without them you won’t be able to use any charger – apart from a standard 230V socket, as long as the model has the appropriate cable as standard equipment.