SUV DS 7 Crossback 180 HP EAT8 new luxury.  The first car immediately – the last chance to buy this version of the engine!  |

SUV DS 7 Crossback 180 HP EAT8 new luxury. The first car immediately – the last chance to buy this version of the engine! |

Luxury SUVs DS 7 Crossback with 180 HP petrol engine and automatic transmission, in the highest equipment versions, are immediately available at the DS Store Golemo showroom.

The vehicles are ready for collection in the showroom immediately

This is the last chance to pick up one of the most attractive premium SUVs with a petrol engine this year, literally right away. DS 7 Crossback in many versions is available without waiting. The 180-horsepower gasoline engine ensures pleasant and trouble-free driving, good dynamics and moderate fuel consumption. This is exactly the engine we have in our editorial office DS 7 Crossback, which we have traveled 41,000 km so far.

Luxurious interior with high-quality materials: leather, steel

A luxury SUV that stands out from the competition

Why DS 7 Crossback and not, for example, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or Audi Q3? It is basically a matter of style, excellent design, high quality finishing materials and very high comfort. DS Automobiles offers cars that offer more than competitive products. Just step into the DS 7 Ramp to find yourself in a world on the border of craft and art. It will also be necessary to buy a warranty and inspection fund with the car for up to 8 years.

Advanced versions of devices

Cars are available in higher specifications. RIVOLI and Perforamnce Line+ versions. Alcantara interior, RIVOLI and OPERA versions. You can choose from all the colors available for example, as well as interior finishes in various colors, including those for the most demanding customers.

DS 7 Crossback
The DS 7 stands out on the street – its classic silhouette is full of cool design elements

Easy purchase terms: 0% loan, 104.99% lease.

DS STORE KRAKÓW offers 0% loan and 104.99% rent. Financing is provided by PSA FINANCE, the DS Automobiles brand bank. For readers of, the DS Shop from Krakow also offers a set of winter wheels.

High-end luxury SUV – DS 7 Crossback

DS Expert Advisor Grzegorz Łukasik will be happy to answer any questions about this model and other DS Automobiles, phone 512 351 621, email: (email protected). The catalog price of the presented copy is a total of PLN 345,800.

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