Team members mind their own business.  What are Mini Majk, Tromba and others doing now?

Team members mind their own business. What are Mini Majk, Tromba and others doing now?

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Friz and crew members may surprise you! After moving out of their shared house, some of them decided to focus on their own businesses. How are former members of the Force doing? What are they doing now? We have checked!

What do the workers do? Unfortunately, all good things come to an end quickly. After almost four years of working together, Friz announced that The House of Ekipa project is coming to an end. Members of Team Freezaafter several years of living together, they moved into their own apartments. Each of them went their separate ways and focused on developing their profession. A close-knit group of friends who rose to fame by recording shared content have now ventured into their own business. Some of them have really amazing ideas! The creators don’t live together anymore, but no one said that some of them won’t continue to create regular content. We decided to take a closer look at some of the workers and see what they are up to.

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Friz and Wersow – what are they doing?

One of the most popular couples on Polish YouTube, ie Verse and Frizhe decided buy your own villa and bet on your relationship. More and more is being said about their wedding and plans to start a family. However, they don’t forget about their fans and what they love so much. They still create content for their private channels. Karol Wiśniewski he started devoting more time to his own designs and creating products with his own logo. Friz will also cover the second edition of 5 Minutes Zako!.

Mini Majk – what is he doing now?

Each of the team members has an idea for themselves. Mini Mike he came up with something that may surprise many. However, his fans can expect. Influencer announced that it intends to leave own businesswhat will happen a food truck. Mini Majk wants to start selling hot dogs in Krakow. The argument is called “Majk & Dog“.

Uncle Łuki – what is he doing now?

Uncle Łuki still works closely with Friz. Łukasz Wojtycatogether with Karol, they focus on the development of the company The Holding SA team The company is in the process of completing a new team that will inform and execute further marketing campaigns. Work also continues on production that is not related to workers. Uncle Łuki announced the series which is the biggest production in the history of this part of Europe.

Marcysia and Tromba – what are they doing?

Marcysia and Tromba they decided to live together. Now they rent four comfortable corners where they live together with their pets. Recently, they adopted a new pet! The couple, however, does not give up on recording and creating their own content on YouTube.

Murcix – what is he doing now?

On the other hand Murcix he decided to be independent and reveal himself privately. Recently he has been living alone. However, like Marcysia and Tromba, he continues to record for his channel.

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Paulina Kozłowska – what is she doing now?

Mini Majka’s boyfriend he focused on education. He wants to finish his studies in cosmetology and then create his own business. It’s about the salon.


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