Test.  Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 150 hp: win (even) more customers

Test. Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 150 hp: win (even) more customers

For Jorge Farromba

Skoda is one of those brands that, even as part of the VW Group, always tries to create different products, based on its identity. So it is not surprising that this SUV bet on the alternative of traditional players in the market.

Aesthetically, it tries not to break with the traditional image of the brand and, therefore, the front focuses heavily on the grille.

In my opinion, the interior is an area that emerges with alternative success solutions.

What we find is an interior of great quality, with good materials, lots of soft plastics and above all aesthetics, where we have a minimalistic dashboard and, above all, a very German design. Just a trick: think about efficiency, simplicity of solutions and their effectiveness. The seats are electric, leather but above all very comfortable with covers. The driving position is easy to find and the ergonomics are at a high level.

On the central console we find several storage spaces, induction charging for a mobile phone and a lever for a 7-speed DSG gearbox which, as usual, has a large capacity (filled with paddles on the steering wheel). In this more equipped version, there is a sunroof and the seats have memory.

In terms of interior space …. nothing to say, considering the size of the 7-seat model. Everything is spacious, and it is also possible to adjust the seats in the 2nd row.

Three interesting details: a traditional piece to clean the ice from the windows, an umbrella on the front door and a system that is as important as it is simple – door protection – that is, how many times do we open the door and hit another one. car? Well, Skoda thought about it and whenever the door is opened, a piece of soft plastic comes out that protects the entire Kodiak door – just clever.

And on the road?

The engine that powers it is a 2.0 diesel with 150 hp and a bodywork that is always heavier than an SUV. However, Kodiak does not have problems with weight, it is clearly not to swallow traffic lights but it is a model that, also thanks to the gearbox, can maintain pleasant rhythms quickly. In terms of character, Skoda was designed for stability, speed on the road and not for a sports SUV.

Kodiak always maintains interesting rhythms, where comfort is the point that stands out the most with a good level of soundproofing. Since this is a wide and tall model, at no time did we feel discomfort with this size.

The consumption was about 7 liters when driving without any care in focusing on the average and using the paddles as much as possible for driving with more commitment, especially on national roads.

Prices start at €37,000 for the Ambition version, with the Style at €42,000, the Sportline at €46,000, the Laurin & Klement at €55,000 and the RS at €63,000.

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