The “ArteAmbiente 2023” project ends at the school.  In the exhibition complexes

The “ArteAmbiente 2023” project ends at the school. In the exhibition complexes

GROSSTO – The last event that, this year, will be held in the private schools involved to conclude the ‘ArteAmbiente 2023’ project organized by the ABC Aps association led by Berneri flowers and whose activity is coordinated by the former didactic director Enrico Pompeano. A project that aims to educate primary and early childhood children creatively and that has involved various schools in the municipalities of Grosseto, Massa Marittima and Campagnatico.

“Educating creativity means building the ability to go beyond what is given – says President Berneri – to transform it by giving it ever-changing meanings. It means living and thinking about events that increase the ability to listen and that allow the apparent violation to recognize the ‘infinite way’ of reality. The proposed art education laboratory experience in this school year has allowed our children to build expectations of ‘adventures'”, understood as ‘open to new’, within the calm and encouraging contexts of the laboratory. Through various suggestions, given in each class that joined the ‘ArteAmbiente’ project, the children experimented, modified, iterated, built, thought and designed their work and played with shapes, colors and lines they all grew as artists rather than individuals. “. This year’s name given to the project was ‘Idea natura’.

“The topic we have chosen – comments the organizer Enrico Pompeano – inspired by the consequences that climate change brings to the whole planet. The period we live in is very marked by global warming, with serious effects especially in agriculture, and the energy crisis, so directing our attention to nature to give more strength and awareness to our relationship with it seems important for humans and above all, for the future of our children and grandchildren. Therefore, this year, to make a contribution towards the positive development of the relationship with nature, space is given to relational issues that are seen in the ways in which the relationship between man and nature is established”.

Event dates and deadlines in private schools:

– Primary school via Scansanese-Grosseto: Classes 3^A and B, 4^A and B, 5 June at 9 am starting from the fourth grade and, following, the third grade;
– Through the primary school of Rovetta-Grosseto: classes 1^A and B, 7 June from 9.30;
– Through the primary school of Mazzini-Grosseto: classes VA and B, 8 June from 11 am;
– Montieri primary school: all classes, 9 June, 10:00;
– Marina di Grosseto primary school: classes 1 and 3, 7 June at 4.00 pm;
– Braccagni primary school: class 2^ A, 9 June at 10:00; class 5^A, at 2.30;
– Arcille primary school: all classes, 9 June at 11;
– Rispescia infants school: part IA and IIA, 12 June at 10.00;
– Montieri nursery school: 14 June at 11.