The Aston Martin Rapide has been abandoned in a Mumbai basement for years

The Aston Martin Rapide has been abandoned in a Mumbai basement for years

After telling you about the old BMW 5 series found after 35 years down the river (without any sign of rust), here comes the beauty. Aston Martin Rapide “buried” in a garage in Mumbai. This kind of abandonment always makes the heart sink.

Photos of the abandoned Aston Martin were shared by abwmotography and reshared by @Car dealer on Instagram. Despite its abandoned state, the car still seems to be in good shapealthough covered with dust.

Black in color with silver wheels, this Rapide was available with open doors and a window down. However, The story behind this Aston is still a mystery, as usually happens with large abandoned vehicles. It’s possible someone parked it there one day and never came back, for unknown reasons. The detail of the cut window leaves an almost eerie tone to the story.

When it comes to abandoned supercars, we always say that the owner “forgot” of a car, although it is unlikely that one can forget about such a car. More often, it is a matter of strange and unexpected circumstances, or maybe cases where the owners “had no other choice” for who knows what reason to dare. Regardless of the circumstances, seeing these luxury cars being neglected is always a little sad.

If we wanted to draw a short poetic summary of these situations we could say that these are some evidence of the glorious past who picked up some jewels on the way, a bit like the Greek version of Kronos (the titan of time) who ate his son.

Some time ago we told you about an incredible collection of Aston Martins up for auction; their uniqueness is that they were all bright orange in color. The auction took place on October 8, 2023, and the collection belonged to a private customer who certainly had a taste for oranges, and not only that: each of these cars also had the interior is fully coordinated with the bodywork. Models for sale included the DBS Volante and Coupé, DB9, V12 Vantage Coupé, V8 Vantage Volante and Coupé, and another Rapide Sports-Saloon model, with an estimated value between 40,000 and 120,000 euros.