The best-selling Spider is the Fiat 500

The best-selling Spider is the Fiat 500

Fiat Topolino is the ancestor of the current Fiat 500, also electric

Spring, and on the streets of Berlin they reappear spider, even if the time has come Germany still not pleasant. The good season is late, but the Germans respect the date. On June 21st they walk around in shorts and sandals even if the temperature drops.

In Germany the law allows you to have multiple vehicles using one license number

At the end of March, soon in early April, they take open cars out of the garage. Thanks to the law: and plaque Yes they can drive many carslogically not at the same time.

From us there rent is propertyyou pay if you have a car, in Germany it remains one road tax. If you have closet you are protected and not on the road you do not pay. Empowerment encourages shopping, but our tax system remains bureaucratic and costly. Also sell or buy one used car it costs almost ten compared to Italy.

Declining sales of open cars on the German market

Despite their appearance, they are sold less and less in Germany unlock cars. The country is in crisis, prices are rising, Germans are naturally pessimistic, and they don’t spend money. Luxury models and sports cars do not have problems, but standard models have less market.

The most purchased convertible today is the Fiat 500

The best selling spider in 2023 is Fiat 500cone 13 miles illustrations. Relatively cheap, and above all comfortable, elegant, and pleasant to drive. A few summers ago, in Rome, in Trastevere, parking in front of my restaurant I saw his grandfather, a. baby mouse was discovered, and its proud owner was about to celebrate his 90th birthday, as he explained to those present.

Duel Red Alfa Romeo, the Italian film dream of the 60s

The Fiat, it is now Italian in name only, but back to tradition. In the past it had missed the small car industry, which it dominated. It was given to him Smart and rejecting it, the Germans succeeded in building it. And he forgot another sign of a Made in Italy car, the spider to be precise.

Remember bachelorfilm and Mike Nichols from 1967? A very young boy Dustin Hoffmanat the end of his university studies, he receives a Duet red dell’Alfa Romeo, an illustration created by Pinin Farina (the graduate is an intentional translation error for the previous graduate). The Italian spider was a symbol of youth, luxury and adventure in the world.

We didn’t recreate the variables, and market was invaded by examples of the wise Japanese which has been able to compete, due to the more accessible price, with the open cars of Mercedes, Audi, e Bmwwhich has also been producing for years Mini. But in the list of the ten most beautiful spiders of all time, today The world always keeps Alfa Giulietta, from 1966.

Second hand luxury spider market

In the sixties, those of graduation, working in Turin I drove an old car 1100, given to me by my father. I’ve never had a passion for cars, I’ve only bought a few, I stick with them and keep them until they fall to pieces. But I was tempted to buy a spider too, I was attracted by an ad, one was for sale Aston Martin second hand in Milan, almost for the price of a small car. It was that car Fran├žoise Sagan he drove barefoot, and it almost cost him his life, in 1957.

I went to see it, it was in a garage and the garage owner advised me against it, it’s hard to drive, not as reliable as Jaguars, and maybe he saved me from ending up as a book writer. Sad News.

Converters don’t appeal to young people anymore

Variables today is not dangerous as it were, but no longer attract young people, they appeal to people in their fifties and even more mature customers, who can finally afford them. In 2007, 140,000 currency converters were sold, last year only 52 thousand, more than a third. There Mr he deleted his The golf spiderand gives only one example Suv discovered, which is almost a myth for Duetto nostalgics.

Germans also prefer many SUVs

Peugeot, Opel and Renault They don’t even have spiders to sell. According to the statistics office, of the 61 car manufacturers, only twenty offer a convertible, compared to 57 in 2007.

It is not worth investing in a new model, the spider does not make much money. By not respecting the advice of ecologists, and the obstacles created by green in the government, i The Germans prefer it the big ones SUV, who won 30% of the market.

Spiders seen in the spring are illusions. Thanks to the Fiat 500, loved by young women, even if they no longer study Sad News.

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