The case of an accident and the death of three near Aue: the defendant reports corona disease |  free media

The case of an accident and the death of three near Aue: the defendant reports corona disease | free media

In June 2020, three people died in a collision between a Tesla and Kiti. The Tesla driver’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday.

Aue-Mba Schlema.

The trial called Tesla in the district court of Aue-Bad Schlema, which was supposed to start on Monday, was suspended three minutes after it started. The accused driver (33) from Johanngeorgenstadt had told his defense lawyer an hour and a half before the trial started that he had just taken a quick corona test, which was positive.

The prosecutor, prosecutor Christian Weiß, asked the woman to submit to a PCR test. It is not yet clear when the process will continue. Not only the appointment calendars of judge Bernd Sämann, the public prosecutor, the defense lawyer and the technical expert have to be coordinated, but also those of several of the plaintiff’s joint lawyers. The corona test, which was surprisingly taught, caused speculation among the observers of the process, which the defender Hans-Ulrich Biernert commented with the words “postponement is not removal”.

In the June 2020 accident on the Aue motorway feeder road, a driver in his Tesla collided head-on with Seti, whose occupants – three women aged 30, 32 and 57 – died. The driver of the Tesla and his two children, aged one and two, suffered minor injuries.

Six months after the accident, the public prosecutor’s office in Chemnitz brought charges of negligent homicide in three cases and negligent bodily harm in two cases. According to the accident report, it can be assumed that the accused entered the oncoming lane due to lack of attention, said the chief public prosecutor Ingrid Burghart. The driver was neither drunk nor under the influence of drugs. The technical reason was also ruled out of course. During her questioning, the woman had not said anything about the course of the accident. If he breaks his silence in court, it will not only be eagerly awaited by the relatives of the murdered women. Five relatives appeared in the proceedings as co-plaintiffs, but did not participate in Monday’s hearing.

The accident made headlines not only because of the deaths, but also because of the difficulties involved in restoring the Tesla. The electric car had to be placed in a special container for 72 hours because there was a theoretical risk that its battery would catch fire.