The discovery aims to provide the ultimate SGP / Speedway GP fan experience

The discovery aims to provide the ultimate SGP / Speedway GP fan experience

Speedway GP in Gorican was a good start for a new Discovery promoter. He insists that there will be some exciting innovations over the course of this season.

At the Grand Prix in Gorican, Marketer Discovery hosted for the first time and brought a lot of creativity. So you can follow the in-depth coverage before and after the Grand Prix in Eurosportplayer. In the race the fans had the opportunity to monitor the drivers’ heartbeat early on.

The use of the TV should be further enhanced, Discovery will introduce additional camera angles. Cable cameras will be used at major GP events in Warsaw and Cardiff, followed later in the season with faster-installed cameras. The camera in the holes should give fans a look behind the scenes during the race. Additionally, the new Speedway app should be filled with life in a timely manner. This will provide direct time from qualification exercises, race results from each Speedway GP and the latest news and news.

The first attraction is next weekend with the Grand Prix in Warsaw, where more than 50,000 spectators are expected. Poland international Bartosz Zmarzlik, who scored the first goal for the Gorican, is looking forward to returning to the Polish national stadium for the first time since 2019. . “What’s happening to Discovery and their Speedway GP programs are the most professional and exciting for people.”

World record holder Tony Rickardsson, who will launch the SGP4 youth class, is delighted with the Gorican start. “After many months of hearing about the Discovery plans, it was a real pleasure to see them working in Croatia. The box is something special and I had a good idea to start from the TV studio, it looks good,” said the Swede. “It was a great show all around. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is preparing for us.”

François Ribeiro, Head of Innovative Sports Events, said: “It was thrilling to see the Millennium Stadium in Croatia full and our vision come true after many months of hard work. We are committed to providing a wide range of camera angles, race data and live information. Whether they are watching a song or at home, we want this to be a comprehensive running event. “

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