The first Tesla MegaPack battery storage – Budapester Zeitung

The first Tesla MegaPack battery storage – Budapester Zeitung

The powerhouse of the Danube

The country’s first battery-powered energy storage system, the Tesla MegaPack, was launched in Százhalombatta on Friday. It is located on the site of the Danube power station owned by the MET Group.

László Palkovics (second right), Minister of Technology and Industry, emphasized that the development of energy storage capacity is necessary to maintain the balance of the energy connection and cover the peak of demand. “So this direction is the right one and corresponds to the government’s intention.” Therefore, an investment of more than 1 billion was supported by the government.

Hungary is doing well in the energy sector. The share of electricity generated by solar energy in the total energy mix has increased significantly, making Hungary the third fastest growing country in Europe after Poland and Finland. Palkovics said that this is just the beginning. However, with the spread of PV systems, many improvements are needed, such as in the field of energy storage and power plants.

MET is committed to the energy revolution and, along with the construction of “green” power plants, also supports investments that contribute to flexible production, he emphasized. Balázs Gábor Lehőcz (l.), Vice President of Switzerland-based MET Holding AG. He pointed out that the world is going through an energy revolution aimed at reducing the effects of the climate crisis through the transition to sustainable and clean energy. Therefore, MET has rapidly expanded its portfolio of green plants in recent years and, in addition to Hungary, is also building and operating wind and solar parks in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Poland, with the aim of being able to to operate 2,000 MW. by the end of 2026.

Photo: MTI/ Zoltán Máthé

Noisy Peter Horvath (r.), CEO of Donau-Kraftwerk, energy storage is expected to dominate in the next decade, so that after the current pilot project, more storage capacity should be installed in the coming years. The three Tesla MegaPacks with lithium-ion batteries that will be installed at the power station site will enable the storage of 7.68 MWh of energy with a two-hour storage cycle, which is almost unique in Hungary.

MET Group is an integrated energy company operating in the natural gas and electricity market and in the construction and operation of energy facilities. Through its subsidiaries, it is represented in 13 countries and operates in the gas market of 27 countries.