The Ministry of Environment rejects criticism of water control at Tesla

The Ministry of Environment rejects criticism of water control at Tesla

A special session in the state parliament of Brandenburg

The Ministry of Environment rejects criticism of water control at Tesla


Sound: Antenna Brandenburg | 01/25/2023 | Environment Minister Axel Vogel | Photo: dpa/P.Pleul

The state government sees groundwater control at US electric car maker Tesla in Grünheide as a given. The special committee said that the water association in question had enough data.

According to the Brandenburg Ministry of Environment, groundwater monitoring at the Tesla factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) has been ensured. The minister’s representatives gave their opinion on the case on Wednesday morning in a special meeting of the committee of responsible experts in the Brandenburg state parliament in Potsdam.

The WSE previously criticized what it saw as poor groundwater management.

Last week it became known that Tesla no longer has to notify the water association immediately about the results of underground water tests on the premises of its factory.

The country wanted to avoid a court case

The special session that is being held now returns the request of the parliamentary groups Die Linke and BVB/Freie Wahler. Parliamentary groups wanted to know from the Ministry of Environment why this decision was made by the State Office responsible for the Environment (LfU) and why this was not made public until last week.

According to Axel Steffen from the Ministry of the Environment, the change is due to the fact that the article in question was drafted in an incorrect way and would not stand up to a possible legal investigation. Tesla’s verbal objection was therefore followed and the article was deleted. In addition, the article was considered to be the highest, since the protection of underground water and the necessary monitoring are guaranteed, emphasized Steffen. In addition, there is no element of public participation in opposition cases.

Criticism of communication with the Ministry of Environment

The Free, Left and Alternative for Germany (AfD) criticized the policy of poor information on the part of the Ministry of Environment. It must be clear to everyone involved that the location of the Tesla plant in the water protection zone would lead to increased public interest. The technical committee was also not informed enough about Tesla’s approval changes and conflicts, it said in various speeches.

It was also complained that the date of the special session was scheduled an hour before the session of the state assembly, leaving little time for questions. The chairman of the committee Wolfgang Roick (SPD) explained that this was due to the applicants, since a special meeting was to be held this week and another date would not be possible.

Announcement: Antenne Brandenburg, 01/25/2023, 11:30 am