The New Dodge Charger lives up to the name and is making fans angry

The New Dodge Charger lives up to the name and is making fans angry

All good things come to an end, including the noisy V8 in front of the iconic Dodge Charger. The brand reveals the first images of its latest, all-electric Charger. That iconic name fits surprisingly well with an electric car.

Dodge is not the first brand to bear the glorious name of one muscle car sticks to the back of the EV. Previously, it was Ford that – to the consternation of purists – called its electric SUV the Mustang Mach-E. Aside from a few design features, this electric car has little to do with the big sports franchises of yesteryear.

Dodge Charger as an electric car

This is different from this new electric Dodge. The brand itself shared images of an early version of the design. Although Dodge is still somewhat vague about the model’s identity, it is most likely a new electric Charger. The car is very similar to the Charger Daytona SRT EV concept car that was shown in 2022.

The long hood might suggest there’s a big V8 underneath, but it’s not. You can also see the same hat in the study design shown earlier. In addition, Stellantis previously announced that it wanted to pull the plug on the Dodge Charger and Challenger… or plug it. It just depends on how you look at it.

Sporty two-door EV

Although the Electric Charger cannot yet be clearly seen from every angle, it is clear that the EV has sporting ambitions. You also see similarities with the brand’s current sports group: Challenger.

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After the Dodge Charger was known as a coupe for five generations, the model became a sedan in 2006. This electric car has two doors, which means that the Charger is going back to its roots. The question is whether that idea of ​​the past is enough for the cleaners to enable this muscle car hug

Angry fans

The first response is often negative. “Bring back the V8,” reads the most liked comment under Dodge’s social media post. “Who thought this was a good idea after such a rich history with V8 engines?” It is expected that the brand will stabilize during the year. The new Dodge Charger will be launched in the market at the end of 2024.

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