The seat is dying, long live the Cupra?  Amazing words from the CEO

The seat is dying, long live the Cupra? Amazing words from the CEO

No shower Thomas Schäfera, CEO of Volkswagen, (seems?) to leave without a doubt. Well, when asked about the future of Kiti, Mr. Schäfer responded as follows: “przyszÅ‚ość Seta to Cupra”. That’s all, but – as expected – a heated debate started immediately. According to “Autocar” and Schäfer, the current Seti models will be produced until the market life of a certain generation is completed. What’s next? The name “Kiti” will not be killedbut no one has officially announced what their plans are yet.

“Autocar”, for example, speculates that other vehicles will be produced under the Seat brand. For example electric scooters or some small passenger cars. But let’s stress – these are just thoughts for now.

The seat will not be killed, but it will probably get a completely different role

However, if we look at the situation calmly, we will quickly come to the conclusion that the decision-makers in the VAG Group may be right. Well, placing both brands next to each other may not be economically justified. At the same time Cupra’s offensive model continuesas evidenced by, among others, a concept called DarkRebel, which we will write about in more detail soon.


Finally, an interesting fact. Well done The press department of the Polish branch of Seat informed, the information published, among others, by “Autocar” are slightly exaggerated. In our opinion, the position sent to us by Katarzyna Dziomdziora does not completely refute the information given above, but look for yourself – this is what the statement contains:

Today, false reports appeared in the Polish and foreign media that the Volkswagen Group announced the discontinuation of the production of cars under the SEAT brand.

The source of the misunderstanding was the interpretation and taking out of the wider context the words of Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, who, in a conversation with Autocar during IAA Mobility 2023, said, among other things, that for A “a different role” arranged for the Martorell brand.

It is true that the Volkswagen Group is working on the electrification of the SEAT brand and it shows its further development. They also include solutions that offer new types of mobility, such as subscription and subscription offers, or mobility solutions, including the SEAT MÓ.

The SEAT brand can boast an 18% increase in vehicle sales this year, delivering 199,000 vehicles to customers. SEAT currently has a strong order book and offers the best product range in its history. The manufacturer plans to introduce new hybrid versions of the Ibiza, Arona and Leon models to the market.

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